I haven’t seen Jason since Thanksgiving so I am completely psyched that he’s coming back to LA on Monday for 5 WHOLE WEEKS! WHOO! I could tell that he’s just as excited to come home because he’s already made plenty of requests of things I could possibly make.

Some of his requests include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Corn beef and cabbage
  • Toffee cookies
  • White chocolate macadamia nut cookies
  • Hot dogs
  • “Something chili cheese related”
  • Fries

Yeah, it’s lots of greasy-type, non-skinny-jeans-yoga-pants kind of food.

Knowing that I most likely will devour all these things, I tried to sneak in these whole wheat Greek yogurt pancakes before Jason gets here. They’re wonderfully moist and light, and the cranberry syrup that I made with leftover cranberry sauce was such an indulgence.  Best of all, they’re healthy so I was able to have an extra pancake for breakfast!

You can get the full recipe here over at the NatureBox blog!