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About Damn Delicious®

Damn Delicious® was simply a hobby, but now it’s my full-time job.

Coming from a very traditional Korean household, I was destined to be one of three things: a lawyer, a dentist or a doctor. So as a grad school hobby, I created a Tumblr account in April 2011 to document some of my favorite recipes. I had one reader, making less than $0.30 per month.

But 9 years later, Damn Delicious® has grown into something that I never thought possible. I have connected with readers all over the world, conquered so many culinary feats in my kitchen, and collaborated with brands that I always dreamed to work with.

Damn Delicious has even grown into an amazing team of individuals working together to create the best possible recipes. We create recipes, step-by-step tutorials, and videos that focus on quick and easy meals for the everyday home cook to show you that it really doesn’t take much to make a homemade meal completely from scratch.

About Chungah

Originally from Queens, I moved to Los Angeles in 2000, residing in sunny 75 degree weather for 19 years before moving to Chicago in 2019 with my then-fiance, Ben, and 5-year old corgi, Butters.

Cartman, our second corgi, has been the latest addition to our family.

Butters & Cartman are the most adorable duo, but they are also deceptively cute. Please do not be fooled – they are a crazy pair of stumpers who love to roll in poo. But we still love them to death and spoil them rotten whenever possible.

Due to COVID-19, our wedding celebration with friends and family had been postponed (and now cancelled) but Butters and Cartman still threw on their grey tuxedos as we exchanged vows in a small intimate ceremony at our rooftop home on June 20, 2020.

Damn Delicious® is a registered trademark of Chungah Rhee.

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  1. Good stuff

  2. Lovely little family you have there!  But where did you get your culinary skills? I have loved everything I have made from your site – thank you so very much for putting them on Pinterest!

  3. Adorable doggies!!

  4. Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing your wedding pics. So cute!!

  5. On the Big Island and just sent your lime chicken receipt to our daughter who is taking care of our home in Santa Fe, NM. Your smile, dogs and husband make a wonderful team due to love the photos. I have many of your ideas in a folder which is gaining in size.

    Marshall Sale (Santa Fe) but now in Hawaii…getting hungry again for your chicken ideas plus those street tacos a week or so again.

  6. Hahahaha

    First of all, I’ve made a handful of your recipes over the years and have always been pleased! On my regular rotation when I’m looking for stuff to make for the weed.

    Secondly, I love love love the doggie names!!!! My 18 year old cat is named Gobbles…a little bit more of an obscure South Park reference, but I hope you get it…

  7. My girlfriend and I want to try your Thai red curry noodle soup recipe but our cooking skills are limited! Do you recommend this one for near-beginners on Thai cooking? Is it very spicy? Is plain old fresh basil an OK substitute for Thai basil? Love the corgies-in-tuxes pics, BTW

  8. I love your story. Our first pet after we got married was also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Tucker). A beautiful, spunky and smart boy. You are blessed.

  9. You looked so happy on your Wedding Day !!

  10. What happened to your damndelicious facebook page?

  11. What a beautiful couple you are I’m sure you will have a great future along with you cute little corgis. I wish you all the best!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. I’ve enjoyed many of your delicious recipes. Looking forward to more.

    I wish you and your beautiful family the best of everything!!

  13. Butters and Cartman are. Adorable

  14. looks like lots of fun…stumbled on your receipt for French Onion Soup today but live in Santa Fe, NM! Also in Hermosa Beach, Ca and also a senior retired but loving Fr. On Soup!! Will I be on your email list for new ideas from Damn Delicious and do you like the cold of Chicago? Keep smiling and those two dogs so cute. We just lost our 20 yr old ShiTzu.

  15. Looking forward to trying your recipes. Just discovered you! A sister Asian – Japanese/French

  16. You’re now a go-to save in my bookmarks. Your chicken enchilada recipe hit our favorites list last night. I substituted in lightly fried corn tortillas and a mix of bottled jalapenos and a pablano pepper as I had run out of canned chili peppers and wanted to get the show on the road. I dipped the prepared tortillas in green chili enchilada sauce before adding the meat mix and smothered the full casserole with the remaining sauce before adding the cheese. And BANG…not even any leftovers to put away.

  17. Your recipes are THE BEST. We recently tried the Teriyaki salmon with broccoli and rice bowl! The homemade teriyaki sauce was to die for and was so easy to make! I can’t wait to try more recipes!! 

  18. From a fellow June 20, 2020 COVID bride, just wanted to say that I love all of your recipes! Your site has become one of my go-to’s when looking for new dinner ideas. Keep posting more delicious food recipes and pictures!

  19. thank you for all the info. Your babies are adorable, as you, and your husband.
    However, I have a question (probably a thousand) but for now, what are French Style Bread Crumbs?

    Anything garlic, pasta, mushrooms , creamy are our thing.
    Thanking you in advance,

  20. You shine, and the dogs are just ridiculous. (Definitely a reason to follow.) The website is inviting, charming and personal. The recipes approachable and delish. Keep up the great work.

  21. Will not describe myself as a cook, in the slightest… yet, when I try any of your recipes… it always comes out better than expected. I have tried several other blogs and dare I say more popular ones… yet when I stumble upon your recipes from time to time, I get complimented for those dishes… so I have bookmarked your page and so far, haven’t been let down. I love the simple, easy, “idiot-proof” recipes you post… and love that a lot of them are “asian”, am chinese by descent but grew up in the Philippines… now residing in Canada. Keep doing what you are doing… and Thanks!

  22. Your Best Ever Beef Stew is the bomb! I had to find out who was responsible for the recipe after I made it. Just stunning. Congratulations to all four of you! Wow You are a treasure, Chungah Rhee. Keep doing this! And thanks

  23. I was immediately drawn to your gorgeous food pictures and your mix of culture in your food. THEN I found out you live in my city now that made things even more awesome. I’m still browsing your site and loving it so much. This could be the start of some major things for this new bride! You ROCK young lady!!!! TY

  24. Love your recipes, and humor. Congratulations to you on your nuptials!

  25. What a sweet, sweet family of four❣️❤️

  26. Hello from this Queens (Bayside) Girl and South Park fan to another! I love your recipes, especially the slow cooker meals!! Most of the ingredients are so convenient because they’re already in my pantry. I’m making your Slow Cooker Pork Ragu for dinner tonight! Congratulations on your lovely nuptials! You clearly embrace living life to its fullest! Every happiness to you, your hubby, and ADORABLE Butters and Cartman!

  27. Thanks for sharing this! I loved the pictures, your happiness and especially your pooches!!!

  28. Love all your delicious step by step recipes. Makes my meals so exciting, especially when I share and post my meals on FB. Your comments are a delight.  Keep sending these wonderful and scrumptious recipes.  It was so nice to share your  life and love story to your fans. Thanks.

  29. I’m an Instant Pot junkie, but also love all foods Korean. Then I read your backstory, and, well… there we go. Chicago is my favorite place to visit, likely because my daughter and her family live there, so I think you and Ben picked the best place to settle. (Btw, was he wiping tears in that photo? Sweet!) I’m looking forward to creating your recipes—comments from others have me convinced! May you have a long and happy marriage. 

  30. Hi,

    Left a question on your REVIEW Site about how to slice the skirt steak when making the Mexican Tacos. Rather than retype everything take a look at my question. It is listed as a Review under the name Terry The R.

  31. You guys are a great couple. I can’t wait to try your recipes. It’s weird, I clicked on in google Shrimp Recipes and DAMNDELICIOUS came up.
    PS LOVE the pictures of you both and of course, Butters & Cartman.

    Good luck.

  32. I’m an old Vietnam combat Marine that thought I had buried feelings long ago. I looked up a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie soup and saw yours to be the highest rating.
    I went here and saw the story. Ben’s a lucky man and hopefully is as genuine as you appear to be. God Bless and Semper fi

  33. Dear Chungah,

    Greetings! I have only two go-to cooking sites: New York Times Cooking and yours. An American family, we spent 10 years in Asia (5 each in Seoul and Tokyo); I greatly appreciate the international sensibility you bring to cuisine. Because I’m busy, I usually delete other non-personal or business emails–but not Damn Delicious! Congratulations on your recent marriage.

  34. I got your book at Costco and made the Korean beef bowl with my kids- they helped me make it and they loved it too! It was the first recipe from your book that we made and now I’m excited to try the noodle soup in a mason jar!

  35. Hello!  I have enjoyed your website for a few years… stumbling upon the baked honey sriracha wings recipe before a Super Bowl.  They were so “damn delicious” that I’ve come to rely on your site as a go to when I want to make something special.  I’m struggling to move to a digital version to store my recipes, and wonder if you can recommend one.  I have lots of cookbooks and hand written recipes that I don’t intend to replace, but want something I can store those “gotta try this” recipes as they come up.

    I appreciate what you do and want to thank you for so many great recipes!  

    Take care,

    • The app Cookmate is amazing! You just share the recipe webpage to the app and it pulls all the information automatically and stores it in a way that’s really easy to read. I honestly couldn’t live without it anymore! 🙂

  36. Your recipe for pumpkin stuffed pasta shells id’s AMAZING!!!!! I’made it 3 times, shared three times, shared the recipe and Meade it for the neighbor. Im hooked!!! Am looking forward to trying more off your dishes! THANK YOU!!!

  37. This African is looking forward to making your dumplings for Lunar New Year for the family tomorrow! Butters!!! Love it!!

  38. UCongratulations!  6-20-2020 awesome wedding date!  My niece turned me into your recipes while visiting her in Valdosta, GA.  Love their simplicity though everyone thinks I bought the entree at a local restaurant and chucked the packaging.  Keep up the awesome work and much success in both your new marriage and professional desire’

  39. Congratulations on your wedding! I’m glad you were able to find a way despite the craziness. (I love the yellow shoes!) The corgis are adorable and you and Ben look happy and in love! Enjoy the beginning of this new chapter in life.

    We LOVE your Korean Beef recipes and all the different ways to enjoy them. I’ve started exploring other recipes and I haven’t been disappointed. I love Asian food and your recipes make it simple, delicious, and doable! I’ll be trying your Asian Salmon soon! The picture alone has me hungry for it.

  40. So happy to read your story. Congratulations and best wishes! I love your recipes!

  41. I have been concerned about feeding my dogs commercial dog food so thought I would try making it myself. I made the simple crockpot receipe and they loved it. Hamburger is pricey so I thought I would substitute chicken so put a whole chicken in the pot and needless to say they REALLY loved it. I am concerned this is throwing off the balanced diet. My vet discouraged me from making my own dog food at all because it can cause their hearts to get floppy? Anyway, is the chicken replacement okay and are your pet recipes nutritionally balanced and safe to use?

    • Rebecca, I cooked for my dogs and froze ziplock sandwich bags full of chicken, oatmeal and carrots, celery and any other vegetables I had on hand. They were extremely healthy, shiny coats and bright eyes. I mixed it with dog food from Costco and it made good healthy meals they never tired of and were eager to eat. I cooked the chicken with the other ingredients in my InstPot.

  42. Found your site while looking for a simple but good recipes to feed my teenager and a friend who is living with us this week because the rest of his family has Covid.  I eat plant based so I needed some receipts to feed two hungry boys.  Found your recipe Easy Korean Bowls, they loved it!  It was simple with good ingredients.  I see so many recipes I want to make on your site.  Tonight I’m making them the  Garlic and Butter Salmon sheet pan recipe.  Love your story, lived in California (San Francisco), and Chicago also, now in Atlanta.  

  43. Love your recipes. The four of you are adorable. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and good health.

  44. Congrats on your wedding – now to only covert you guys to become Cub fans! Love your recipes!!

  45. Hi Chungah,

    I’m trying your scallop recipe and glad I found your site.

    BTW, you are adorable.

  46. So happy to have found your site. Your recipes look incredible and I can’t wait to try them. However, your corgis top the cake…we are corgi lovers from 1993 and are now on our 4th corgi, Olle, who will be helping me out in the kitchen as I begin to explore your recipes. Thank you!

  47. Love your recipes and so do my PICKY kids. Just now came to your website to look for some specific recipes for an instant pot or sheet pan and read your background. 🙂 Really wish your pictured items had names so i could look up those recipes, they look fantastic. Thanks for your work!!

  48. would love recipes for a finicky eating dog. Also, the other recipes seem great also. Great fam photo. eager to receive your emails.

  49. You 4 are adorable. congrats!! small relaxed weddings are the best!!Would love to see your recipes..especially in the midst of this covid…. cooking every night…tring to come up with new ideas each time. Meredith Doerge

  50. Congrats on your wedding. My daughter’s big day also.

  51. What a lovely blog, clearly full of life and love! I discovered it while looking for homemade dog food recipes, and I easily decided to subscribe after just a few minutes here. Thank you!

  52. ❤️congratulations!

  53. Chungah,

    Our family was very fortunate to discover Damn Delicious during COVID. I have twin boys that are 13 years old and enjoy everything I make from your recipes! During this stay at home time, my son, Gregory, has become more serious about cooking. He loves trying new cuisines, spices and techniques. We live in Los Angeles and have a pug and a beagle. We love taking them to the beach, snow, and anywhere we go! They are definitely the best part of COVID! Thank you for your amazing website and Instagram page. You have made a big difference in our lives and we appreciate you very much. Stay well!

  54. Congratulations on your wedding. Ben is a lucky guy and Butters and Cartman are lucky dogs. Love your life story and your recipes.


  55. Hello Chungah. I’ve just discovered you by chance while looking for a recipe to use up Christmas ham and made your ‘Leftover Hambone Soup’. Had to convert American cup sizes to UK millilitres but the result was definitely delicious, and I had a very happy husband who wants more! Looking forward to making more of your recipes in 2021 and can I wish you both and your cheeky corgis a happy life. Very best wishes. Liz from Bristol, England

  56. What an inspiring story. Have dogs of my own I love to pieces, My English Springer Spaniel, Murphy, only wore a ribbon to our wedding (35 years ago), but was quite dapper. And your recipes are great–some of the stuff I get from others is so complicated, or requires 1 teaspoon on some exotic ingredient I have to buy an 8 ounce jar at $5.99 and never use again.
    Love your emails, keep’em coming
    The cake is the best!

  57. Congratulations on your wedding! Love the names of your Corgis. Must be South Park fans.

  58. So glad you didn’t let the pandemic prevent your happiness. Hopefully you will be able to celebrate with a larger group when this is all behind us.

  59. All the best for your future life. From the heart. Have a happy, joyous and blessed life.
    We were out of ideas on what to feed our dog, at wits end actually. Came across your site looking for that.
    Will try your recipes.

  60. Thank you for your damn delicious broccoli mac and cheese recipe… my family of four, with diverse diets, all loved it! I am a Covid cook… forced into doing it more for my husband and two teen daughters because we’re home every single day together and Postmates/Door Dash costs get out of control! As a full-time corporate lawyer I just don’t have time to cook daily for finicky eaters so I finally got over my fear of pressure-cooking, dusted off my Instant Pot after letting it sit around for @ a year and started searching “Instant Pot” recipes. Enter damndelicious.net. You have an attractive website and I will enjoy exploring your recipes. I hope to learn more and inspire my family to cook more too. If teamwork makes the dream work then I’m thrilled to welcome you to my team! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and passion. Wishing you and your family much love and happiness!

  61. Thanks so much!  I found you this morning via a search for spaghetti carbonara and made your easy, delicious and lighter version of this today.  Hubby and I enjoyed it very much.  I’m looking forward to diving into your site more.  

  62. Hello Mrs. Chungah Rhee,
    I’ve stumbled onto your Damn Delicious site & was very taken by how you take very popular recipes, simplify them, & have them come out delicious. I’ve been cooking for apprx. 18 yrs. , 12 of them professionally as a trained/formally schooled chef. I’ve been very blessed to have met & worked w/some very talented people who saw something in me & took the time to “groom” me & refined my skills. Thank you for all you do to make this beautiful & awesome craft, interesting/fun/ & your simplicity is “2 thumbs up”. I’ve taken your techniques & used them to guide me when teaching cooking techniques, recipes, & food selection. After all, cooking should be fun! Not a chore. Kudos on your success.

  63. I was looking for a good Korean soup and came across yours which sounds delicious. As soon as I round up the ingredients I will make it. Congrats on your marriage and I love your furry friends too. Best of Luck.


  64. I’m absolutely loving your recipes!!  Wouldn’t have thunk (;-) butternut squash would make Mac and cheese, but there ya go.  Made butternut squash chicken pot pie not too long ago, so I WILL be doing the Mac and cheese.  I’m the chef in the house after I retired (and before – when I was home, haha).  Love expanding my repertoire, but my older girl doesn’t seem to appreciate the diversity as much as I do.
    Love you South Park duo, we’ve got our own 4 hooligans – 2 rescue mutts (chi/terrier/angry Irishman mixes), a black lab rescue, and a black chihuahua (both beaver/evil turd mixes).  I left Korea in 97 (2 years with the Army).  Loved the food almost as much as the Lao food I grew up with.  Congrats on your nuptials!  Keep up the great work because you have an awesome site.

  65. I woke up in a horrible mood this morning with a long To Do List, and a little resentment towards my husband of 34 years for not being as helpful as I needed. Before making the 4 hour round trip to grocery shop, I googled Korean BBQ Beef and found you. Your pic caught my eye and I admired how you looked adorably cute as well as gorgeous in the same pic! That sucked me in to thinking I’d just quickly scan your ABOUT post, but then you had to throw in Butters, Butters wearing the knit hat, Butters in Dodger gear, Butters at your wedding. Now I’m a little choked up from your beautiful story and I’m in a super good mood!

    Thank you for sharing. I’ve visited Damn Delicious many times in the past for YUMMO, easy to make dishes, usually landing here via googling, You’re bookmarked now, baby!

    Butters and Cartman–their names are as cute as they are!

    Congrats on your marriage.

  66. I’m so happy for you four, congratulations. I’ve missed your “old time” posts. When you had the opportunity to share your & Butters adventures & pictures. Blessings to you & again congratulations. 

  67. Hi Congratulations on your wedding ! I can tell you are both in love !
    We just celebrated our 28th anniversary this year on the Love boat Regal Princess ( it is on you tube ) and with 1400+ other couples renewing our vows! Watch it : Regal Princess vow renewal 2020! 

    We both love to cook! I love your recipes ! Making Garlic Shrimp tonight !♥️




  69. Can’t wait to try your recipes!  I have a corgi too!  Alfie is a Cardigan corgi.  I looked you up on instagram and was surprised i already follow you!  

  70. Congratulations on your wedding! I just celebrated my 25th anniversary this past October. I had a very small wedding too (out of choice) and my husband teared up during the ceremony too! lol!

  71. Congratulations on your wedding and best wishes for a blissful, healthy life. Love your recipes.

  72. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Your recipe ideas are quick, easy and doable for the average person. That’s what makes them so amazing! Thank you for creating this blog. I’ll be visiting your site often <3

  73. Ive never posted before but I always go to your recipes and I love them! I am doing street tacos tonight!!! I have to say your wedding pics made me smile. SO CONGRATS! SO good to see happiness right now!!!!


  75. Glad I came across your site! Love all the recipes featured here and CONGRATS to you! And your corgis look so adorable. Gotta love them pups. I have a yorkie myself.

  76. Congratulations on your wedding!!! My wife and I have been married 30 years. The secret is ‘consideration’. Always be considerate of one another. Love your dogs. We are dog lovers too! I found your website while recipe searching for THAI RED CURRY NOODLE SOUP. I love to cook from scratch and look forward to trying your recipes. Cheers!

  77. Thank you for sharing! I rarely look past the recipe on a site, so this was fun to read. Congrats on your nuptials!

  78. Congrats!!! Enjoyed reading your story!  Much happiness to all of you ( can’t forget those fur babies!). I just found you and I have to say your recipes look amazing!!! Can’t wait to try them!  Thank you !

  79. I love your story.

  80. Loved reading your story. Also love your beautiful dogs. Best wishes to you and your husband. Cannot wait to try your recipes. You made me smile today, thank you

  81. Went mushroom foraging for the first time – under supervision of an expert. Searched for an Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto recipe and there you were! It was so easy and absolutely marvelous. I can think of all sorts of variations (sub a little white wine in that chicken broth maybe) but I made it exactly by the recipe and it was amazing. Thank you. Congrats on your beautiful and fun wedding.

  82. I absolutely love your story!!! I’ve been following for a while and have cooked a few of your recipes myself. I share your blog and social media every chance I get. Wishing you continued success moving forward!!!

  83. Great Website. Love your recipes.

  84. After being sent countless links to your recipes from friends, I borrowed your cookbook from the library. WOW! Usually there is just a recipe or two that grabs my attention but the whole book is one mouth-watering recipe after another. I’ve already ordered a copy because I know I’m not going to be able to try each recipe I’m interested in before I need to give the book back to the library!

  85. What a great story! I found your site because I was looking for a Ribeye steak recipe, which was deliciuos! I love all your recipes I saw and can’t wait to try them. I came to the US  from the Netherland to marry my husband, a US soldier I met in Germany and I had no clue how to cook, but I had to learn and it soon became fun and my new hobby after many ruined dinners I even started my own IG and maybe it will become more than just some post, your story inspired me

  86. Found you via The Washington Post’s Voraciously column. My kind of cook. Thanks for great recipes. Love tweaking recipes and yours provide a damn delicious foundation to work from.

  87. Just made your Chicken Tikka Masala and as a rookie cook, you made me look really good. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the easy to follow instructions and for all you do!

  88. Yr recipes are knockouts just like U.

  89. Congratulations on your wedding, nothing can stop you guys from being happy!  Really enjoying your recipe!

  90. Congratulations to you both on your wedding.  Just read this now about you and your husband, so belated wishes from Rhode Island.
    Love your recipes and have made many of them.  Stay well and continue to be inspired.

  91. I was looking for Asian recipes since we are eating 99% at home now. I ran across your blog and love the recipes and am adding them to my list and recipe binder. Congratulations on your wedding, I am so glad you didn’t let all the stuff of this year put the wedding on hold indefinitely. Your dogs are adorable as are the two of you. God bless on many years to come.

  92. I love your blog! They saved me many nights of figuring what to cook for two hungry teenagers
    Congratulations on your marriage despite covid. Wish you lots of happiness.
    Love the two corgis too.

  93. We love all of your recipe’s keep up the good work.

  94. I came for the beef stew recipe and found this blog. Very cool and congratulations! I’m on the email list and a longtime recipe user and lurker. Thanks for all your hard work, your recipes are always very good.

  95. Hello Chungah, I just discovered your site today – looking for a sate recipe (fab recipe BTW).  I’m so sorry to read that your wedding had to be cut back because of Covid; with your simple ceremony you looked so beautiful and I loved your dress.  I think your site is excellent and I’m looking forward to perusing all your wonderful recipes.  Much love to you and Ben and to Butters & Cartman.  Stay safe. xx

  96. You know what’s important, not a fancy expensive ceremony but just close friends and of course, the pups! Best of luck!

  97. Hi Chungah,

    I just discovered your site whilst of all things looking for a healthy dog recipe. I already make meals for my dog but was looking for something different.

    We just had devasting news from our vet. Our miniature schnauzer was unwell and had to have some blood tests. We have just been told that Oscar has diabetes. So I was looking for something super healthy and something that won’t upset his diabetes.

    Your Damm Delicious page looks wonderful and I plan to try these yummy human meals.

  98. Hi Chungah! 

    Discovered your site last night when we made the one pan lemon herb salmon! HOLY CRAP! it was SOOOOO gooood! Thanks for sharing this and I love your background story. I’m from Queens too and also had a stint in CA!

    Congrats on the wedding and way to adapt! Looking forward to following more of your work. 🙂 


  99. I made one of your recipes last night for dinner and tried another one tonight because it was so good!!! You’re recipes I think will help we make really good food at home. I found your website through Pinterest! Thank you Chungah! I can’t wait to try another one of your recipes!

  100. Congratulations! Best wishes! 

    We love the sesame chicken recipe!

  101. Glad to have you in my life Chungah!   I am a seasoned cook who loves to try new recipes.  I am trying to become a better Asian food technician.  I spent many years of my life living in Chicago and San Francisco where I became spoiled rotten on great ethnic food.  It is my ambition in life to become more skilled in cooking foods outside of my comfort zone of French, Italian and Southern cuisine.  I  rely on your website for well tested, delicious meals for those days where I just can’t seem to come up with something on my own.  I swear when I die, my tombstone will read “Here lies Liz Casey….. What the Hell’s for Dinner?”   I cook three meals a day, 7 days a week these days, with maybe an occassional meal delivered.  I can’t wait to go out again for a dinner out…. but until I can do that, I will keep coming back to your site.   Some of your recipes have become mainstays in my home, which is saying something considering I married a man who doesn’t want to eat the same meal twice in 6 months…… Keep doing what you are doing, ’cause you are doing it very well.    Best Regards from the great state of Idaho!  Say hi to my wonderful Chi-town!!!  My alma mater is Columbia College right down in the South Loop.  Miss everything there is about that place, even the winters;-).   Oh, and congrats on your recent nuptials!  All the best to you!!

  102. Wow! I just found you today and I love your story. I’m a home cook and getting better every day. My oldest daughter is in college and LOVES to cook and I get my inspiration from her. Your recipes look delish and I’m starting with broccoli and parm and garlic. Thank you! I know it will be yummy!

  103. What a cute couple! And the people look sweet also. 🙂 Glad I found this website, looks good. Best, Mike

  104. Congratulations on your marriage! I am sorry COVID derailed your original plans but it looks as though you had a special celebration.

  105. Going to make one of your delicious looking chicken with lemon butter sauce recipes tonight!  I also browsed through some of your yummy recipes!  So glad I did…   Can’t decide which recipe is next on my “to make” list!  I see you grew up in Queens – next door to me in Nassau!

    Also love those pups!  We have a rescue Abigail Louise pup and a cat Penny Lane.  

    Signing up to receive more recipes from you.  Thank you!  Stay safe and well.

  106. I saw photos of you and your husband on the yanni designs instagram earlier while I was scoping them out before our appointment and I knew you looked familiar when I was searching for a scallop recipe and landed on your page. What an odd coincidence- never saw you before today and now it’s been twice. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes!

  107. I love your website, all of the recipes I have tried have been excellent! Congratulations, June 20 is my anniversary date – 39 years ago. It is a lucky day!

  108. I love your website, your recipes and your adorable corgis! I am so glad that I stumbled onto this site. Please don’t ever stop doing what you are doing! Hugs you you and your fur babies!

  109. Hi Chungah. I am a self taught cook and dog lover also. I was searching for a recipe for beef stroganoff to use up some sour cream and stumbled upon your site. I then scoured your recipe box until 3 am. I made the dish the next day and I must say it was Damn delicious! I look forward to making more meals and can’t wait until we can share them with friends post Covid of course.

  110. Hello from Vancouver Canada!  Stumbled upon your site looking for a quick delicious nutritious family recipe.  Just had to comment that my daughter and I fell in love with your dogs and their names.  I had to call my daughter over to see right away.  Thoroughly melted our hearts to scroll to the end to see the cake topper!  Congratulations and thanks for the delightful posts.  Now onto cooking!  Your recipes look amazing as we love fresh vegetables. Have a great day and hello to Butters and Cartman!

  111. We’re so glad we found you! I am a mum who, with my sweet husband, adopted two beautiful children from South Korea. Our special family celebrates all-things Korean – including upbeat people like you (okay, BTS too!) and we love sharing your journey! Keep those recipes coming!

  112. Love your site! Great simple recipes, with straight to the point instructions. Thank you for taking the what to make…” question out of my evenings! ❤️

  113. Look forward to your recipes.

  114. Beautiful story – your website, recipes look great and I love your story. I can’t wait to try your scallops tonight. Thank you for your positivity and ray of sunshine in this unusual summer.

  115. Ahhhhh OMG the corgis are too fricken cute and your photography is amazing

  116. Hi Chungah! I am a Covid Cook (meaning Covid has given me an 3 hours of commuting back and I now learning to cook :)) and want to make the garlic lemon chicken thighs on the grill! I can do the marinade and everything but sadly, I am a newby with grilling! Can you tell me how long I cook them for on the grill? We have a super big brand new one so it is amazing to cook ok!!

    Thank you so much!

  117. Congrats I bought some of your wedding favors at the thrift store  today!! Lol

  118. Congratulations on your wedding! Everyone looked fabulous
     I’ve been missing your Instagram posts lately and was wondering ( and hoping) all was ok with you, Ben and the puppers?!
    During Covid I’ve been cooking up a storm with recipes from your cookbook and emails. Love everything I’ve made and bought a copy of your book for my sister….she loves it too!
    Stay safe and I look forward to more great recipes!
    Thank you!

  119. also, have you ever grown your own mushrooms? it is super easy and tastes wonderful. i used to be able to buy a box all ready to go but i have also bought packets of the internet. i also remember a greeting card with mushroom spores in it. the fancy mushrooms. you just need a dark area. it is so cool and fulfilling to check on it and come away with handfuls of little gems. I have even gotten a box going with the dirt and white stuff (so scientific) that you can find at the bottom of commercially bought mushroom containers.

  120. your just adorable ! found you on a google search for marinated mushrooms and have bookmarked you to explore your other recipes. thanks for sharing some of your personal stuff. the wedding looked great! it seems your a happy, positive person and boy do we need that now. keep on cooking and thank you.

  121. hi. i didn’t know there’d be another chungah. my korean name is yun chung ah and i hated my name growing up. kids would call me chung chung chicken so i changed it to cassie. but anyway, i found your zucchini recipes and will give them a try. you don’t have the zucchini pancakes recipe though. you should give them a try. congrats on your nuptials. i’m also in chicago.

  122. Hi There,

    I go to the blog daily and love your recipes but often don’t make a lot of them because there are no videos to accompany them. Most food blogs have the videos of the recipe being done which makes it super helpful for the person making something for the first time.
    I love the recipes and would just love to see the videos too!

    Thank you for making such wonderful looking food!

    • Hi Patty!

      We have videos for only select recipes at this time. It is hard to produce them with our team during COVID-19 as we are all safely quarantining. We hope to produce more videos when it is safe to do so.

      Stay safe!

  123. A stunning couple Great recipes are just a click away.
    Stay safe young lovers & enjoy marital bliss

  124. I just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love your recipes!!!! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding!! Such a beautiful bride!! The four of you make a beautiful family!!! My husband and I have been married for 27 years and our kids are 2 Jack Russell’s, a yorkie mix (rescued living in the woods behind my husband’s work), a chihuahua that is beautiful little beast and a chihuahua/dachshund (rescued hiding under a semi-trailer in my husband’s work parking lot, in the middle of a storm, scared and hungry)! We enjoy watching Butters and Cartman every day, so thank you!

  125. Congratulations on your wedding! I first stumbled on your website yesterday (7/22/20), when my cell battery died and I asked my 14 y.o. son to look up a recipe for beef Stroganoff, and text it to me for later after my battery charged. He randomly found your Stroganoff recipe at damndelicious, and I made it last night—mmm…mmm…good! My wife loves it. I just had a bowl of leftover Stroganoff just now (7/23/20)—so good! I made it because I knew my wife was going to have a difficult and emotionally taxing zoom meeting at work, and I wanted her to have some “comfort food” for dinner (we both grew up in the 1970s eating Stroganoff maybe once a month)–and I know your recipe made her feel better. I will pass your recipe on to my 6 sisters, who I am sure will love it too. Thanks!

  126. Dearest, dearest!
    Congrats to both (or all 4) of you. Your celebratory date happens to be also my only sons’ b-day (1974) and today, actually, your first month anniversary. Enjoy!
    A retired single senior and life-long restaurant worker, I find the recipes you offer simple, fresh, healthy & very easy to implement. Very ‘handy’ for singles, especially in light of COVID-19 with its’ restrictions & recommendations.
    Stay safe & remain in good health,


  127. Congratulations. I admire you going with the flow and making changes. It’s the marriage that is important, not the wedding. Very best wishes.

  128. Love the recipes, go to them often. Love the blog and latest about you, Ben, Butters, and Cartman. Congrats to you all on the Rooftop wedding ceremony. Nothing like Chicago in the summer. I unfortunately/fortunately grew up in the NW suburbs of Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates and now live in a pizza vacuum here in Minnesota. In a toast to your blog, we’re having the damn delicious beef and broccoli tonight. Cheers!

  129. I just found and made the chicken broccoli Alfredo recipe tonight.  We all loved it!  Coincidentally, we’re currently living in Seoul (I’m from the US, hubby is Korean…a lawyer ).  I’ll definitely be making this again and coming back here for more damn delicious recipes.  Congratulations on your wedding!

  130. First of all, Congratulations to you and Ben! I hope your newlywed bliss lasts forever! My wife and I are still honeymooning after eleven years together as of June 7th.

    Your Brown Butter Sweet Potato Gnocchi is the perfect finishing touch to my latest fusion recipe — Shakshuka, plus pulled pork, then replacing poached eggs with sweet potato gnocchi! Yummers! I’m sure I’ve corrupted shakshuka so much that I would offend any purists by calling it that, so I’ll work on a new name for it.

    Just wanted to say Thank You Chungah for your inspiration!

  131. Love the bio and the wedding story. I’m sending a link to your site to my wonderful Korean-American daughter-in-law.

    I’m making your risotto with mushrooms tonight.

  132. Thanks for sharing wedding pictures…they’re great “pick me up” during these trying times of isolation and your recipes. Will be preparing your instant pot lemon chicken thighs tonight. Recently retired with expectation that I would share dinner preparation with my wife after rarely (really never) cooking during my workaday life (opted for clean up instead). Try to use instant pot as it limits the clean up to one container plus peripherals for spices, etc. Wife insists on side dishes to go with the “pot” so must learn to multitask after years of resistance, e.g., please don’t ask me to fix the toilet while I’m mowing the yard.

  133. Love the simplicity and inspiration to transform these recipes into GF versions of dairy-free. I love how you get straight to the recipe!!

  134. All I can say is…..if you didn’t marry this gorgeous woman…..I WOULD have asked her myself !

  135. I love you and your recipes so much Chungah! Congratulations on your wedding! I have been trying your recipes for 3years. Thank you for the easy step by step instructions and delicious recipes.

  136. Every time I look for a recipe, I find myself here on your site. You consistently deliver just what you promise: quick and easy meals that we can make from scratch.
    Congratulations on your success here and on your wedding. Thanks for all you do for the home cook!

  137. I’ve just saved yet another one of your recipes to my “must make again” pinterest board, and wanted to say thank you for sharing your incredible recipes! My boyfriend is a picky eater, and I’ve been thrilled that everything I’ve made from your site he’s raved about.


  138. Just found your blog! We just eloped June 20, 2020, too – we were supposed to be in Turks & Caicos. Congrats to you both – I am making Carnitas for dinner tonight!

  139. I have discovered a page where I can try different thing cooking from across a wide spectrum. I am currently letting the yeast rise for the Rosemary bread, I just hope that it comes out half as good as your picture. I am also very delighted to see alot of Korean recipes as I spent 1 year (1981-1982) in Korea with the US Army. It was my first time to have spicy food and I loved going to the Ville and having Mamason cook. Thanks for the website.

  140. Congratulations on your recent wedding!!

    I have been trying your recipes for a few years now- ever since I got the guts to actually start cooking. Your recipes have always been excellent and helped me develop a love for cooking and trying out new recipes. It’s been a hobby that helped take off some stress during medical school and residency. Thanks for putting all the time in that you do- your followers appreciate it! And your insta game is on point! Food pics + corgis — what could be better !? 🙂

  141. I teach (well, now they are online programs I do by myself) children, teens and sometimes adults cooking techniques/ recipes at a library in Little Rock, AR. (HRC Children’s Library and Learning Center if you want to look it up). I always know that your recipes will be wonderful. This week I used your avocado deviled eggs and read Green Eggs and Ham for the Little Kids in the Kitchen, and then used your Baked Zucchini Fries for my Garden to Kitchen program (where we use produce from our Teaching Garden and cook with it). In the past I used several of your recipes for an adult meal prep program we did, and your Asian chicken marinade is my go-to at home when my husband is busy (He’s the better cook. I follow recipes, he creates.) I was looking up your name for credits on our FB page, and I saw you just got married. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU for your wonderful recipes.

  142. Congratulations Chungah and Ben! Wishing you decades of love and happiness!

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  144. Congrats on your marriage! Love the site and love the recipes. Thanks for your hard work.

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    Best wishes. Can’t wait to see the pictures. 

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  150. Love is a wonderful thing. Married my highschool , sweetheart in 2000….I am now 61…..Good luck!!

  151. Hi Chungah,

    I just found you! I’m so happy because during our “Groundhog Days” I have started cooking and baking again (sorry all our wonderful Phoenix restaurants). I lived in Southern California and had the amazing opportunity to take cooking classes with so many great and well known chefs including Julia Child, Nancy Silverton, Alice Waters, Sheila Lukins and Jacques Pepin. And now your recipes have inspired me again. 

    Your blogging is so well written that I feel like we are texting personally and your personality comes through and brings smiles. Your recipes are going to make my days have a purpose again and bring my creativity back. 

    I read your “About” page and my heart went out to you. Are you and Ben going to have a wedding this month? So much planning for so many has resulted in disappointments but I know you will make your wedding situation have a happy ending. Best wishes for a happy and healthy life together.

    Thank you for adding so much joy to our lives, especially now. Stay well. Stay safe. And love your fur babies.
    Best always,
    Sharon Constant

  152. I was online looking for a recipe for Frozen Peach Bellini and I am so glad I found you. So many great recipes and such inspiring and wonderful life stories. Thank you!

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  153. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Hope all goes well amid Covid! Love Butters and Cartman – sooo cute!! Also love your website and all the recipes…have tried several and gotten rave reviews from my hubby. I’m not crazy about cooking but, with Covid, have been forced to cook more often than I ever have and your easy recipes have revived my interest in turning out delicious meals. Keep them coming!

  154. Hello!, I’m so glad I found you! I just made your vegetable pot stickers and the definitely were “Damn Delicious”! Even better than the ones we get at our favorite place. I will be making these again and again

    Thank you, Thank you!

    Alicia Capilla
    Castro Valley, Ca.

  155. My first time on your site and YOU ARE SO ADORBALE! I can’t wait to try your “Damn Delicious” recipes! Everything looks absolutely scrumptious. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I pray for blessings and love for your family.

  156. I just found you today while doing some research for my own floundering page: malechealthfitness.com and facebook @MHF4U . I am in awe at the value, flow and integrations you have. I am gonna be studying your page and processes more to hopefully become better at this craft. Thank you!

  157. Oh Congrats! You are a fabulous family. This is my first time to site and I would like to thank you for a successful dinner tonight. 100% thumbs up & compliments. Look forward to seeing your pics from the happy day coming up! Love those scarfs. Have a lovely and memorable wedding day!

  158. Butters and Cartman are adorable and your recipes are fantastic! I see that you and Ben are due to be married on 6/20/2020 and, well, just want to wish you the very best! It’s been quite a crazy few months and perhaps you’ve had to modify your plans…or maybe not. Anyway, I just simply wanted to wish you the best and, hey, while I’m here, thank you for sharing so many amazing recipes. One of our favorites is the sesame ginger salmon. I am making it tonight and need to get that salmon in the marinade, so I’ll sign off here. Best wishes! Laura

  159. Hi! I have loved your recipes / site for about a year now. While on our last Zoom meeting (“new normal” work meeting), my colleague and I discovered we both are fans! We sent the link to our third colleague, and then talked about recipes for the last half hour of our meeting 😉
    Just wanted to let you know in case your ears were burning.

  160. I    absolutely LOVE this website – make your recipes ALL the time.  Your chili and chicken chili and Asian recipes are amazing.  I     I  have a 20 year old and 8 year old – picky eaters – and they always love your food!  I    just conquered stage 4 cancer and love how healthy your food is!  Best wishes on your wedding – I    am so sorry COVId may have put a dent in plans.

    all the best,

    susanna quinn
    Washington DC 

    • SUSANNA! A HUUUUUGE congrats to you on beating cancer’s BUTT! Wishing you ALL the best and cheers to many many many “DAMN DELICIOUS” meals!
      (Breast cancer survivor)

  161. Just read your About Story. Can’t believe its such a coincidence that its already June 2020 when I got to know that you are getting married in this month. Have a great wedding. Congratulations in advance for your wedding. I am a huge fan of your work.

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  163. Thank you for sharing your amazing recipes! I tried the roasted street corn recipe & loved it!!!

  164. I am pleased to find your site! Praying you are well and safe. I am here in Chicago! Let me know if you two need anything at all!
    Like they say, “we’re all in this together!” Oh, and I am from Manhattan, too! Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!
    Is the wedding still on? Be safe!


  165. Hi there, I’m writing from Ottawa Canada. I love your site and your recipes . Tonight we are having your Korean beef with zucchini noodles. Your site is my go -to for  ideas. I’m always telling my girlfriends and friends from work to check it out. With the corona on , I try to go to grocery store once a week. I literally sit down Sunday morning and scroll through damn delicious and plan my meals for the wk, write my list them head out to store. Speaking of corona….I just now read your little bio and wanted to write and say I hope you guys are healthy in Chicago and good luck with June wedding , I hope you guys  will be able to pull off some sort of wedding , just think…regardless it’ll be a grand story to tell the grandkids one day. Take care and thanks for your wonderful food….heather

  166. Went looking for a ribs recipe for the InstaPot and found your site!!
    What a wonderful find.

    Thank you!!!

  167. Hi Chungah… your sheet pan shrimp boil was AMAZING! I prepared it for friends weeks before sheltering in place. Everyone requested the recipe, which I immediately shared. I’m hoping to share your recipe in a monthly article I write, and my compliance department has requested I secure permission from you to include your website, and post the recipe and picture. I can send you the article if you’d like to read it. It goes to all households in Montclair, which is a district in Oakland, CA. I’m a loan officer, who happens to cook, so this month I’d like to share one of my favorite recipe finds. Oh, & congratulations, and yes those two pups are definitely adorable. Hopefully the shelter place will not postpone your wedding plans. Thanks kindly for your consideration. Here’s the magazine website… http://www.montclairmagazine.com/

  168. Your recipes look delicious, can’t wait to try a few. OH & Congrats in June & for the cutetest groomsmen EVER!!! I am a widow & my family is scattered, but when I cook I like to cook for my friends & co workers…Congrats on your web too, I’m glad to hear yet another success story…God bless, be well & stay safe…

  169. Just found your blog. Love it. Are you still on for the 6.20.20 wedding or is that on hold until the Coronavirus is under control? Best wishes for whatever you decide. Your Corgis are adorable! 

  170. Damn cute corgis!!!

  171. Damn cute corgis!!!

  172. Congrats on the engagement! Long time follower, I love your recipes and books. I live in Chicago, hope you are enjoying it! Wish you luck on the wedding especially with everything that is currently going on. 

  173. Hello, congratulations on a great plan, I just looked at your Tater tot recipe, and it calls for Russets. I think I know why,, as I am in the middle of China now and have not found them here, I may get them online , but tried some what I call new potatoes, a whiter skin. these new potatoes seem to have a lot of water. I got them done okay, but had to squeeze them even after pressing the water out. added more flour to help them firm better, I did not boil , just peeled and grated.. Thoughts?
    , Mark

  174. Hi Chungah, I wish you both the best! I love new recipes and will try this one tomorrow. I’m retired now but started cooking with my mother at age 12. I’ll check out more of your recipes as well!

  175. Hi Chunga and Ben and all the others. I used to cook very basic meals as always left it to the
    boss. Ive been on holiday in Melbourne and got stuck when the locked the world down. I ve been cooking for the last 5 weeks for my sister and her brood. Iv’e found the recipes easy to follow and to also experiment around with. As Beth, I am also searching for the Mongolian beef recipe.
    Cheers Brett

  176. Welcome to Chicago! (belatedly) Thank G-d Ben’s a Dodgers fan. I saw that blue for a minute, and I thought cubs for a split second (White Sox fo’ life!). I hope your wedding isn’t derailed by this lockdown, and if so, that you can do something awesome very soon. I also hope you can get to enjoy any of our wonderful summer offerings if this stuff ever stops. So sad how many things are already cancelled. If they even *sniff* at cancelling fireworks, I may take to my bed. They are my favorite! (But that’s not as bad as having a wedding messed up possibly, so…perspective! ) Again, welcome!

    (Got here because of the P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef Copycat Recipe, which looks delicious and is now in my queue.)

  177. Hi
    I am so happy I ran into your website just yesterday. I fell in love with it right away and this evening cooked the shells and ground beef recipe. I am a family of 6 w/ 3 teenagers, needlessly to say…I was a hero!!! They all loved the recipe I especially love that it has Korean roots, my family love Korean food and we have been learning to make it at home!! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials We lived in Illinois for 10 years it was beautiful, we still miss it every day!!but best of luck with the coo coo weather. I once had a Easter egg hunt for my kiddos in 8 ft. of snow
    Food is yummy and the people are like NO other, in the USA!!
    Best of luck,

  178. Hi! I’m not cooking at all but would like to start now to feed my family this quarantine. I would like to ask your opinion if I would buy 1 kitchen appliance only, would it be an instant pot or a slow cooker? I have a limitation in storage and I don’t want to waste buying something I would not use a lot. Thank you. 

    • I have the ninja foodi – it’s multi purpose – pressure cooker, slow cooker, air fryer, broils, bakes and sautes and a keep warm function when you’re done

  179. I LOVE your recipes! After the third success, I was like… who is Damn Delicious?! I mean a good BAKED mac and cheese!! Crazy good. I used to cook when I was single and had lots of time. My husband was the chef. As a widow with two young kids and lots of time due to quarantine, I’m getting back into cooking. Your recipes have helped. Simple steps and ingredients. Thank you!

  180. So glad I found your recipes and site! Looks like you have a wonderful little family and such delicious recipes! Congrats! I’ll def keep plugging in for ideas and recipes for my 3 boys! Keep on rockin’! 🙂

    • Hi Chunga, I love your cooking site and whenever I’m stumped for a recipe, I turn to you. I just read that you have moved to Chicago. How thrilling!!!.. I was born and raised on the north side but moved to FL. in 1969. But Chicago will forever be the city that holds my heart! A great city to raise children! But first, CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding.

  181. god I love your food, the pictures are what first sells me. My family also loves your recipes. Thank you for all your effort.

  182. Not gonna lie, but these recipes seem really easy for someone who burned eggs once! I’m 16, going to turn 17 in September, and I love to cook along-side my dad (and when i’m at my grandma’s house, we bake A LOT!). I’m really excited to try more of your recipes!!

  183. Hi Chungah!
    I just love your website and recipes. I am trying your pot roast recipe as we speak (email)! Time and time again I am looking at your recipes for ideas 🙂
    I just recently went to part time after working full time most of my adult life. So, that said, I have taken to cooking and making more homemade, creative dishes. That’s why I come to you!
    It’s so nice to get to know you. You and Ben make a lovely couple, along with your adorable Corgi’s. (Is Cartman a shout out to a certain character on South Park? LOL) Very cool names for your fur babies.
    Please know what a comfort your smiling face and delicious recipes have been during this trying time. I appreciate you! Be well, stay safe and healthy.

  184. I was looking for a recipe on Beef Stew and found your website and your young, energetic, smiling face.
    Then I scrolled down to find out more about you and I was brought back in time when life just
    begun for me and my bride until we settled down in Brooklyn and finally here in CT with 3 lovely kids.
    Our neighbor is Korean mom with 2 girls, about the same ages of our 2 sons and we get along well and have
    authentic Korean dish every now and then that she cooks.

    Your choice for 6.20.20 is so biblical.  I am a simple believer and reads once in a blue moon
    But I like Luke because he was a great teacher and a glorious physician. His chapter 6:20-23  reads:

    20 Looking at his disciples, he said:
    “Blessed are you who are poor,
        for yours is the kingdom of God.
    21 Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied.
    Blessed are you who weep now,
        for you will laugh.
    22 Blessed are you when people hate you,
        when they exclude you and insult you
        and reject your name as evil,
            because of the Son of Man.
    23 “Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.
        For that is how their ancestors treated the prophets.

    Good luck and I can foresee your great success in the future.

  185. 6/20 is my birthday. In 70 years I only recall one 6/20 when the weather wasn’t perfect and it’s the longest day of the year. Don’t change the date of your real marriage even if in this COVID 19 year you have to have your formal celebration later. Best wishes to you both and to your pups.
    A friend and I with whom along with her husband I have been isolating since March 18th made your Roasted Garlic and Spinach Pizza last night. It was DELICIOUS! We will make it again and now I’m exploring your site for more ideas to keep us smiling until we can all come out of our houses again.
    Hope you and your loved ones are well.

  186. Omg I’ve been saving your recipes for YEARS (like since the very beginning when I just had one kid and Pinterest was still new). Congrats on the engagement!! And thanks for all the recipes! 

  187. Love your recipes! Congrats on the engagement!

  188. Thank you for sharing, you started out making no money. Motivating for me starting a fashion biz. I found and tried your shrimp and pasta recipe and now I’m a follower. Keep enjoying and making great food! Congratulations on your engagement!

  189. Love your story. Also from New York originally and have been in Chicago since 2003. My wife and I took pre-wedding photos on the same overpass in your photos. Butters and Cartman are adorable. Looking forward to trying a number of your recipes; tonight it is teriyaki salmon. By the way, don’t let this weather fool you, this year was an incredibly mild winter. Hope your wedding plans go through well despite the current global situation. Stay safe.

  190. Scrumplicious great looking food.

  191. Your recipes are appreciated,I have 59 years of cooking and baking,my love affair is the kitchen and bakery,I prepare sauces condiments,pickled every everything an mail to my sister in Florida,Had a shrimp indoor farm ,140 days to shipping 233-26 grams each,,I sold all To Longhorn Shrimp Co. In Texas,The driver had a refrigerated tanker, drained the shrimp and wrote me a ckeck for 110k $ for the 6300 lbs of shrimp!!!!When folks would visit Always had a shrimp cocktail,Martini glass ,marinara sauce an 1 Shrimp,otherwise it would a shrimps cocktail!!!!!

  192. For your Garlic Butter Shrimp recipe, is it a requirement to use Kosher Salt, or can I use NORMAL salt or Himalayan/Punjab Salt?… Please explain the difference between them all.

  193. Hi Chungah!…
    For many years I’ve collected recipes that are so-so, yet never quite the in-between I’d been seeking. They claim ‘easy’ or ‘superb’, etc. most always with hyped-up ingredients and descriptions, never tasting quite right. Even though I’m French, I very much lean toward Asian and Mexican food.
    It was not my intention to find you, but boy am I glad I did! JACKPOT!! I like everything about your down-to-earth self… no flowery explanations, and recipes that are quite perfect! I have already printed off several, and going to fix your wonderful ‘one-pot garlic parmesan pasta’ tonight!
    Now to Butters and Cartman! I’ve had a professional pet sitting business for 26 years now, and I luv-luv-luv Corgis… I honestly think they may be more intelligent than us, poo-rolling or not! It’s those bunny-butts I adore!
    I like that you and Ben have chosen 6-20-20 for nuptials… our date was similar 5-5-05. With good luck by June, our world will well be on the mend from this horrid virus. With many thanks for your terrific site Chungah!

  194. i love your one pot beef stroganoff. it is hands down the best beef stroganoff ive EVER had. i will be trying some of your other delectable recipes. congratulations on your upcoming weeding.

  195. I found your recipe for Korean beef last evening on your blog. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, but I was able to substitute some from my pantry. It was so delicious! I was looking to make something tasty to go with the package of rice noodles that were pushed to the back of a shelf in my pantry. I have more time these days to slowly explore those shelves. My whole family enjoyed the dish! I’m going to order your two cookbooks, and I have become a devoted fan of your blog. Thank you!

  196. I found you site over a year ago, and I love it! My family likes everything I’ve made – and I am not a good cook. But your recipes and videos make it so easy! Our favorite is the Cilantro-Lime chicken thighs. We are making easy Pork Carnitas tonight, and lemon rosemary sheet pan chicken later this week. Thank you for all of the great recipes and congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  197. Our family just started cooking with an insta pot and I was happy to find your site. My husband loves Zuppa Toscana from Olive Garden and can’t wait to make it tonight. You definitely have a new fan and follower.

  198. Loved reading your story.  You and Ben make a great couple.  And your corgis Butter & Cartman are sooo cute.  Best wishes to all of you.

  199. So happy I found your site, can’t wait to explore all the receipes. I am making the fresh turkey breasts in the slow cooker today, cant wait to try this evening for dinner!! With everything going on with the corona virus and being at home, trying receipes and cooking is what I am going more of.
    Thank you!!

  200. You guys look great. I can’t help but wish you well.

    I am 76 and know what a good l life means.

  201. I have read tour story. It is incredible how internet changes our life forever. You are great and very talented. Keep posting as I wil be visiting your blog everyday

  202. New to your site. Found it today searching for creative ways to prepare broccoli. Found three great looking recipes and can’t decide which to make. Possible one each day. Positive outcome of our current situation is that we are eating alot more vegetables and I’m going back to creative cooking. I also live in the Chicago area. Thank you for your wonderful site. Stay safe.


  203. Great recipe; subbed in Potatoes, Carrots and Onions in place of the Broccolini. Thanks for sharing!

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    Beautiful photography, lovely and easy cooking recipes, I can hardly wait starting trying them.
    Carry on cooking and posting.

    Hope the wedding plants are coming along fine.

    Thanks for your talent and creativity.

  210. I’ve been looking at and cooking your recipes for years but never read your story until today! What a great story and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I’ve made cookbooks for some young family members and friends who were getting married and always include a recipe for Family Pie at the very beginning. I’m sure you’re familiar with it but here goes anyway lol.
    One handful of forgiveness
    One heaping cupful of love
    ONe lb. of unselfishness
    mix together smoothly with complete faith in God
    Add: Two cups of wisdom
    One cup of good nature for flavor
    Sprinkle generously with thoughtfulness
    This makes a wonderful family pie.
    One complete pie will feed any size family for years to come.

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    Loved reading your bio – and love your short (or are they height challlenged) furry children. Congratulations on your proposed date to get married.
    But moving to Chicago – you must really love him? chuckle, chuckle!

    Your recipe for Teriyaki Chicken Shish Kabobs has no reviews on your blog, but I am marinating my chicken now to prepare the Shish Kabaobs – and plan to grill them tonight – so I may be back to write my review of your recipe.

    Love to cook so will be interested in more of your creations.

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  213. I made your chicken chowder and it was super great!!!! Wow!!!! Easy to do and the only add I made was I added canned corn.  Just gave it a little extra.  Next time I think I will add bacon crumbles on the top of the chowder .  But no chanes are really necessary – great chowder and easy to do.

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    I have just purchased a copy of your meal prep cookbook. I love the look of the recipes but I have a problem. The first one to catch my eye for a better look was the miso salmon tray bake. Yum, I thought, then I looked at the nutritionals. Hmm, I thought… you specify a 6oz salmon fillet per portion yet give calorie count for whole meal (one portion) of 253 calories. How can the be? Salmon provides approx. 55 cals per oz, which would give a count of 330cals just for the salmon, before we even reach for the honey etc.

    Now I’m wondering about the nutritionals quoted for all the other recipes. I hope it’s a pesky typo, but now (I too am a type A person, and Scottish to boot = type AA) I shall have to check them all. Boo. Still gorgeous recipes though! I adore your dogs. Have a superb wedding day.

    • Yve, the nutritional information is correct and has been triple checked. Please note that different types of salmon have different amounts of calories. For example, 6 ounces of king (chinook) salmon contains 304 calories, coho (silver) salmon contains 248 calories, and pink (humpy) contains 197 calories.

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    Please keep ’em coming. At 80 years old and way above ground, I still enjoy exploring with different foods.

  226. Hi, I am going to try your Cajun Chicken (Chili’s Copycat). My husband and I go to Chili’s often and
    I loved it there. I hope this one is just as good. Looks easy enough.
    I went to Seoul, SK October 2017 to see my grandson born. I was very impressed with Seoul. I didn’t like having to take the tram everywhere we wanted to go and having to walk all the way to get there but I survived it. Even walked up to the Mall on top of the hill where you can go by cable ride. I apologize, I can’t remember what it is called. I went to The Marbling with my daughter for some Korean BBQ Steak, Kimchee, with other items that escape me too. I even found a bottle of Korean BBQ Sauce at World Market in the US when I returned.
    I will follow you on Pinterest.. Thank you!!

  227. The best to all four of you! One of my favourite food blogs! Cheers from Canada.

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    I’ve had two corgis that I loved and miss terribly.  I’m too old now to have another one,  but I do have two lovely felines to keep me company.  

    Your recipes look delightful and creative.  Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Tomi, I am also diabetic, type 2 have trouble controlling my sugar. Do have any advise? Would be appreciated. Thanks, don’t know if you can reply to me , my name is Betty Nelson live in Kentucky, am on facebook..Hope you can reply. Thanks

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    Good Bless.

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    I just have to say, I love the photographs of Butters and Cartman LOL. My family and I are big South Park fans, not to mention enormous dog lovers, LOL. 

    Your website I’ve just discovered while browsing the web,, and after seeing your recipe for Swedish meatballs, I’ve already gone to the store and came back, ready to make for this evenings dinner. Thank you for such an elegant suggestion to the never ending question of a mother: What to make for dinner? LOL.

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    Thanks so much for making my day!
    Happy New Year!!


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    I accidentally ran across your site today, Merry Christmas!, and the picture of the Bang Bang Chicken grabbed me. The thought of some nice chicken pieces with Panko crumbs and chili sauce, well, just spelling it out makes my mouth water again and I haven’t even tasted it yet!
    You and your handsome Corgi’s are show stoppers-Congratulations!

    And a big congratulations on your planned wedding in June. I wish you and yours all the best.

  238. Wow! I think I was one of your early readers– I didn’t realize you were a Korean American (like me!) and didn’t know you are now doing this full-time. Congrats to you! I made my own rendition of toffee, but have been inspired by your recipe too. Keep up the good work!

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  247. I’ve been cooking your recipes for awhile now & they are fabulous!! I need a recipe for Ginseng Chicken Soup! A local health food store called Lazy Acres sells it here & it’s better than Chicken Noodle anyday! I tried making it myself & I was close but the Ginseng was super bitter, any suggestions how to take the bitter out of it? Or is it the type of Ginseng?

  248. I follow your Insta and live your little stumpers! I also really love your recipes and wanted to ask if your cookbook has complete nutritional information in it. I’m Diabetic and have to watch my carbs and really want to attempt some of your Insta pot recipes. 

    I’ve also recently moved to the Midwest from warmer temps and am thoroughly enjoying your outdoor adventure posts with the doggies- our dog just saw snow for the first time ever this week!

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    I am going to make the soup this weekend, but would love to know the calories.
    Please let me know, and answer why you don’t post the nutritional information.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sharon! Nutritional information is provided only for select recipes at this time. However, if it is not available for a specific recipe, we recommend using free online resources at your discretion (you can Google “nutritional calculator”). Hope that helps!

  251. Oh my, we made the Thai Coconut Curry Soup the other night.  What can I say….it’s absolutely delicious.  Will be making it again very soon.  Followed your recipe with everything except the Thai basil leaves, couldn’t find them, so just used regular basil leaves.  Having visited Vietnam last year, we saw the Thai basil leaves and had them in Pho. Keep your wonderful recipes coming.  They are all so Yummy!

    • You can order dried Thai basil on “the site that sells everything”.  It’s not like eating green curry in Bangkok, but it’s better than trying to find a substitute.

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    Congrats and I love your dogs.

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    Good luck and keep cooking!
    P.S. congrats on the engagement!

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    I just baked your almond butter granola and will be topping my yogurt with it. My fave brunch place makes their own for an acai bowl, so I’m looking forward to building my own version.
    Thanks for the step by step.

  257. I just found your site and love it!!!! Going to try a lot of recipes this week! The “PRINT’ button does not work, however.

    • I also thought the print button didn’t work but after you click on it and the recipe shows up, look at the tiny boxes on the upper left corner of the page–that’s where you’ll see “Print this recipe.” I just did it so I know it works. Best regards from another new fan of this delightful cooking site!

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    I can pretty much say from here on out I do not think I will need to look at any other websites for recipe ideas. Yours has it all and just how I like things!! 
    Thank you!!
     Im super excited to get started on some today 🙂

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  260. I am an adopted South Korean and recently found out that I am lactose intolerant. Are you not? Because you make so many dishes with dairy…I love your recipes but can’t make half of them it seems! 

    • I make the chicken mushroom vegetable soup almost every week with a half can of regular coconut milk/ cream. It tasted amazing! I also add fresh chopped rosemary in the soup. It’s one of our favorites.

  261. Love your site! I am from Middle Village Queens too….small world

    What part were you from? I am obsessed with cooking/baking I would love to do what you do, just feel like it is impossible! lol

    Well I am a big fan and now that I know your from Queens I like you more lol

  262. Chungah, As our house is in disarray due to a kitchen remodel, I wasn’t able to find my dog treat recipe that I had planned to make for our church fair in Framingham, MA. So I googled “recipes for dog treats” and found your website. I have printed out Peanut Butter Dog Treats and Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats and plan to make both of them to sell at the bake shop table which I co-chair. I will certainly give you credit for the recipes!
    Along the way of perusing your website I found Cranberry Pecan Baked Brie which I MUST make for Thanksgiving. It sounds amazing. I have to make your website a frequent destination to check out your other recipes.
    Good luck with all you cook!

    PS My daughter and her boyfriend are also obsessed with Corgis. I have a 12 yr old Havanese named Cody.

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  264. I absolutely love your recipes. I use your site more than any other to fix meals. I’ve fixed the Jalapeno Chicken, did my own recipe for a burrito that had sweet potatoes, quinoa, and less beef than usual but fixed the chimchurri sauce with it and tasted fantastic.Also fixed the Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta, really good but being lactose intolerant I’ll have to try coconut milk next time. I’m making the Sheet Pan Chicken Fajita’s right now. Can’t wait to taste it. And I love your Corgi… I love them too. The Corgi butt pic made me smile. I didn’t grow up learning how to cook and I’m so glad your recipes are so easy to access and so good. Oh yes, also I wanted to share something. In my search to cook with less sugar, I found as a replacement for brown sugar. I still haven’t got the quantities quite right but Stevia and Maple extract works great as far as replacing taste in sauces.

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    I also had a corgi.  Best dogs ever, so smart.

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    I follow you on instagram and I’m such a fan of your recipes and have tried a few of them and loved every single one that I’ve tried. So did my family!!! I also love seeing updates on your dogs on instagram stories. They are really cute. Congrats on the new pup.

    I’ll be heading to Chicago at the end of the month with some girlfriends and was wondering if you would recommend restaurants that we NEED to try. We would love your input!

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    I laughed out loud when I read “Butters likes to roll in poo”. What a shitty thing to do!

    Love your recipes and your photos are great!

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    I was signed up under [email protected] but I resigned up under my new email [email protected].

    Keep up the good work.


  272. I want to try your Restaurant style Mexican Rice recipe.  Can I use Jasmine rice instead of Basmati, and will I have to change the amount of liquid?  Usually Jasmine rice requires twice the amount of liquid as rice.
    Also, can this dish be made ahead and warmed?

  273. I really like your site. As a single retired mother of three its been hard to figure out how to cook for 1. I love your food so ive kinda bribed my son n his gf to trade some of my prepped meals for things I need so I don’t eat same thing all week Luv how u simplify it and always add alcohol at the end! Im hooked and sharing! I like ur style! I luv the Korean touch..my fave.

    • Nyoka, I live by myself too. These recipes are delicious. I make it like it says, then divide the meal into four (or six, or whatever) portions, freeze two, put one in the refrigerator for day after tomorrow, and eat one for dinner. Yum! Delicious dinners at the touch of a microwave button!


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  280. Chungah, When I printed off the recipe for your Olive Garden Pasta e Fagioli, I cropped off the bottom couple of lines which went onto a second page and then realized your “Damn Delicious” was not on my copy. As a marketer, I suggest adding it at the top, under the recipe title, at the beginning of the “yield, etc” line. Colleen

  281. Hi Chungah,
    I’ve enjoyed using your recipes for a couple of years. When I tried to access you chicken sate recipe today I was required to identify myself. Minor irritation I know but wonder why this is required this time .

  282.  My daughter and I love your recipes! Additionally, we love Korean and other types of Asian food. Recently we transitioned towards a more low carb lifestyle. (Keto) is it possible that in the future you could take some of your more popular recipes and “KETO-FY’ them?  So many many people are transitioning to low-carb, and yet have an affinity for Asian cuisine, which you have mastered. 

     Specifically in the very near future, can you do a simple recipe for how to bake homemade Gochujang?  It appears to be an essential element in many Korean dishes. So the ability to make a low-carb version that is suitable for the keto lifestyle would be fabulous. But, request is formally made for low-carb recipes in and among your many delicious offerings. Thank you very much. 

  283. Hello Chungah, I’m glad I stumbled across your site.
    I’m kinda between a rock and a hardplace. I lived in Japan for my 4 high school years, and for being a young twit, I came away with some good living experiences . I Traveled to Korea and loved the food, little by little Korean dishes started to appear in Japan on local menus. One of the dishes was beef Bulgogi. I was hooked badly. My dad even bought a Bulogi brass table top grill.
    My problem is that what I had in Korea and Japan is not even close to the dishes here. I mean the dishes here are okay, just not as good. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    P.S. There are ZERO Asian restaurants of any denomination here in south Florida. So if your looking to become a millionaire for real, move here. We fly to Wash D.C. 4 times a year to eat at” Peking Gourmet Inn”. The owners have been my friends for 40 years and I’ve tried to talk them into opening a place here, but they’re getting burnt out and not interested. They started out with 10 tables and now seat 500. They sell 3000 plus Peking Duck at $50 a pop over the weekend. Many of their customers don’t even order duck! Go figure. Actually Google their menu for fun. Yes, they are millionaires over and over. Here the Asian places go out of business faster than you can imagine.

  284. I am so excited to have found you. Your foil packets will save me from nonstop hot dogs while camping. Thank you!!

  285. Just discovered your recipe for No Knead Rosemary Bread, so will try it for sure

  286. Hi! I honestly don’t know how I stumbled upon your website, but I’m so happy I did. I’ve already found a few recipes I plan on trying out asap, namely your instant pot chili and slow cooker butter chicken. I also plan on getting your cookbook.
    Best of luck to you!

  287. Good Morning,
    I just purchased Damn Delicious Meal prep from Costco. It was a total impulse buy and I absolutely love it. I even got my husband on board with working together on the weekend doing meal prep. I do have one question. I see on the front cover, there is a noodle meal prep dish in the middle but I can’t seem to find that recipe in the book. I am interested in cold recipes for my husband work since he is generally not in an area that has a microwave.

    Appreciate your reply.

  288. I just saw that you moved to Chicago this year! On this snowy day on the eve of May, WELCOME! I have been following your site for a few years now — quite by accident, as every recipe I seem to like/pin keeps leading me back to Damn Delicious! I finally decided to read the “about” page and had to chuckle when you said you grew up in traditional Korean household where your destiny seemed to be lawyer, dentist or doctor. I have a Vietnamese mother, so — no surprise — I’m a lawyer, but I love to prepare home-cooked meals as often as possible, with your help! Your success is very inspiring. Thank you for helping everyday folks cook with clear, easy-to-follow, and tasty recipes. I’ll bet your parents are very proud!

  289. I just came across you on this site!!! Enjoying your recipes and printing to take home to try!
    Also don’t become a Cubs fan!!!

  290. Where is the recipe for that dip shown above? That looks INCREDIBLE!!
    P.S. I LIVE for your shrimp fried rice meal prep recipe! It is my favorite go-to lunch and my 4 year old gobbles the leftovers up. I substituted pork one time and he won’t stop asking for it!
    Love this website!!

  291. I really liked baked zucchini fries.  Delicious.  Do you think this recipe would work for green beans?  Thanks 

  292. I’ve been online looking for low sodium recipes. I happened to see your cookbook “Damn Delicious Meal Prep: 115 Easy Recipes for Low-Calorie, High Energy Living”. Are your recipes low in sodium content? Thank you!

  293. Jennifer and I would like to know if you can add somewhere on your page your pantry staples? The item every kitchen should have in stock?

  294. I love your site!  I have an unrelated question.  What is the color of your kitchen cabinets?  I covet them.  TIA.

  295. Oh, this is a fantastic way to get your kids eating broccoli.

  296. Hi, I stumbled on to your site while searching for easy dinner recipes. I am new to cooking (started last year when my baby turned 1) and basically in need of lots of easy, quick recipes for my family. Your site looks lovely. Can’t wait to try some of your recipes. And please keep us posted on restaurants/places to try in Chicago. Thank u!

  297. Hi Chungah…I have recently found your site and I am loving it. Can’t wait to try some of the Asian inspired recipes. Can you please post a recipe for an easy japchae?

  298. Hi Chungah!
    It’s dinnertime (again) and I’m loving your website. It’s my first time looking about the “About Me” section and I see that you moved to “Chiberia” in 2019? Where it that ?? A cross between China and Siberia? Sounds pretty bad compared to LA 🙂

  299. Everytime I want a delicious recipe for something, yours is the first to pop up on every Google search, so I started following your site. I love your recipes and how yummy they are, and now I find that you have and love corgis so I am 100% in love! My corgi Totakeke loves watching me cook your delicious recipes! I intend to.kewp following for more delicious recipes and cute corgi pictures!

  300. Hi Chungah, your book literally changed my life and I wanted to write and say thank you!  In 2017, the company I was leading went out of business and I was home for 6 months. I found your book and started cooking for the family every day. I’ve tried pretty much all of them and really like that the ingredients are in the same order of the process. Every recipe was incredibly well received by the biggest skeptics…my teenagers. I’m looking forward to the day you decide to make a 2nd version of your 1st book. Thanks for what you do: )

  301. One of my favorites! Especially with a loaf of brick oven Italian bread!

  302. Hi! Love your website! I have made your Asian meatball recipe. Would I need to adjust it at all to make it pork and make it patties instead of meatballs?

  303. Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come up with a tasty recipe for Jerusalem Artichokes?
    I have them growing in my garden and would like to utilize them in our meals but they have somewhat of an off-putting twang to them.

  304. Love the recipe book. Glad I found it searching for something else. Could you let me know what kind of Whey Protein Powder you buy? I am trying to make you Mini Pumpkin Protein Donuts.

  305. I get compliments on recipes of yours that I make all the time. I tell everyone who loves them to follow you 🙂

  306. I just want to thank you for your amazing recipes.  My husband discovered your Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe and it has become his favorite dish to make.  We have it 3-4 times a month.  

    I just found your Mongolian Beef recipe and am looking forward to trying it.  I have a feeling that it will also become part of our menu rotation!

    Congratulations on your success and keep up the great work!

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