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About Damn Delicious®

Damn Delicious® was simply a hobby, but now it’s my full-time job.

Coming from a very traditional Korean household, I was destined to be one of three things: a lawyer, a dentist or a doctor. So as a grad school hobby, I created a Tumblr account in April 2011 to document some of my favorite recipes. I had one reader, making less than $0.30 per month.

But 14 years later, Damn Delicious® has grown into something that I never thought possible. I have connected with readers all over the world, conquered so many culinary feats in my kitchen, and collaborated with brands that I always dreamed to work with.

Damn Delicious has even grown into an amazing team of individuals working together to create the best possible recipes. We create recipes, step-by-step tutorials, and videos that focus on quick and easy meals for the everyday home cook to show you that it really doesn’t take much to make a homemade meal completely from scratch.

Damn Delicious® is a registered trademark of Chungah Rhee.

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  1. My husband is a bread maker but can’t make soup, so long ago I asked him to please make anything for dinner, but not soup. My good friend and neighbor can only cook by recipe, so she emailed him yours for the slow cooker Tomato, Kale and Quinoa that she had found and was making this weekend. As soon as I looked I it I recognized it as yours so I said he could make it last night (Tuesday). You see, I was working until late and my daughter and SIL were arriving after a 10 hour trip bringing down their chickens, a large old lame dog and their anxious cat to stay for 2 weeks and keep setting up our cabin as their new home (next come the 1# – 2# fish they harvest they catch for food and that’ll be a historic adventure I bet). The soup turned out PERFECT! As Tony says, Digna’s not keen on Quinoa, so he substituted a handful of Barley instead. It was still PERFECT! First soup he’s ever made that is just delicious. So thanks. And now another follower of your recipes I bet. When his crayfish are grown and ready to harvest he’ll be looking up some new recipes and see if you have any ideas for him to use. His only recipes are Cajun New Orleans style. Me? I won’t be letting you know how they turn out because I’ll have to leave home for the day/night since I’m very allergic (anaphylactic) to any crustacian. So, Chungah, thanks for the great soup!

  2. Your recipes look amazing. I just subscribed to you can’t wait to try some

  3. I love you, your dog and your simple recipes!  I’m enamored with your refreshing style . . easy does it!
    Can’t wait for those scallops to melt in my mouth!

    Bravo and thank you so much!

    Mary Jane 

  4. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing recipes! You’re my “go to” site for everyday cooking! Wish there was a Damn Delicious app!! 

  5. THANK YOU Chungah!!!  I first came to your website when I Googled “ginger salmon recipe” and it led me to your Sesame Ginger Salmon recipe.  That recipe is fabulous!  I made it again last weekend (on the grill) for 20 people and they all raved about it.  Here is what I want to share with you and your readers: salmon holds together well enough that it can be grilled directly on the grate.  Cedar planks are not necessary.  Plus you get some charring of the surface which is nice.  I use a digital meat thermometer and cook to a center temp of 130 to 135°F.  Cut the salmon fillets into sections barely wider than your spatula so the meat is well supported when turning it.  The salmon is ready to turn when the edges start to turn white.  Salmon can be safely turned once or twice; more than that and it may fall apart.  The thermometer I recommend is ThermoWorks’ model RT301WA, which is available on the the ThermoWorks website for about $20.

  6. Well I was looking at my emails and you cooking recipes came on and I was very interest thank you. 

  7. Chungah,

    I haven’t failed any of your recipes I have tried! Of course, it is damn delicious!! Whenever I needed to cook, I just come here and pick up the easiest recipes from you!
    You are appreciated!!

  8. Oh Chungah! You have a damn delicious blog!

  9. Hi Chungah

    The photo of the fried chicken, is that recipe on your blog or is it going to be in your cookbook.

  10. Love your easy to follow recipes and everyone I’ve tried turned out awesome.
    Love love the Asian dishes.

  11. Stumbled across your website today and I am really enjoying it some of the recipes I have printed for my own and I would like to thank you for your efforts!

  12. Why does the crockpot Balsamic chicken require chicken breasts with skin-on? Can I do skinless, & brown them a bit

  13. Just pre ordered your cookbook through Amazon.

    Congratulations on getting in published.

  14. Love everything I’ve made and find myself using your recipes over and over. So grateful! 

  15. Thanks for sharing so much great info!
    The website is so very well build, I can peruse and surf here for days.
    The recipes are amazing! I love all of them and have successfully made some dElicious stuff.
    The photographs are wonderful!
    Most importantly, your a great story teller; as you take us on the birth and journey of each recipe.
    Thanks so much!
    I appreciate you and your talent.

  16. Haven’t had anything on here that wasn’t “damn delish”! Love your unusual flare in these tasty recipes! I’m a fan and pass them forward to fam n’ friends every chance I get! Thanks!!

  17. I have made so many of your recipes! I have to thank you because in the past when I tried to make asian recipes my husband would tell me to stop trying because they were horrible lol. Now he loves the Asian recipes I’ve tried from here, we were eating the easy lo mein once a week this fall. Also have made the beef and broccoli a few times. So glad I found your site on pinterest 🙂

  18. I want to come back. I felt like I had enough recipes collected, but I miss getting them from you. Please re-add me to your emails.

  19. I m die hard fan of salads. I m really interested to know your more recipes so would love to be in touch . I love healthy eating.your recipes are looking very easy n yet tasty!!

  20. I love your recipes. I have many favorites. Im so glad I found you on Pinterest. Keep cooking! 🙂 @michell50955415