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White Sangria Sparkler

A refreshing, bubbly sangria loaded with tons of fruity goodness – and it takes just 5 min to put together this show-stopping cocktail!

White Sangria Sparkler - A refreshing, bubbly sangria loaded with tons of gorgeous fruity goodness. And it takes 5 min to put together!

So we’ve been in our new home for a week now and I’ve finally unpacked all the kitchen boxes. All 15 boxes. It was a huge triumph so to celebrate, I made sangria!

Now I’m more of a white wine gal so I chose to make this with a combination of a crisp white wine and a sparkling white wine (like Prosecco). And with a combination of my favorite fruits, this sangria came together in just 5 minutes.

And after that first sip, I was completely hooked. It was incredibly refreshing and cool, and I just loved that bubbly goodness. Plus, with all the colorful fruits, it just makes it even more fun to drink!

White Sangria Sparkler

A refreshing, bubbly sangria loaded with tons of gorgeous fruity goodness. And it takes 5 min to put together!

1 hour 5 minutes


  • 1 (750mL) bottle white wine
  • 2 peaches, sliced
  • 2 kiwis, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 3 tablespoons sugar, or more, to taste
  • 1 (750mL) bottle sparkling white wine
  • 8 sprigs mint


  1. In a large pitcher, whisk together white wine, peaches, kiwis, raspberries and sugar.
  2. Let chill in refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
  3. Serve over ice with sparkling white wine, garnished with mint, if desired.

Adapted from Linda Wagner.

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  1. Ok will do. i Didnt add it yet but I will let u know my results. 

  2. Question: I wasn’t trying to do a sangria using moscato so I was going to use this in the place of the suggested white wine do u think it would be too sweet to still add the sugar that is in the recipe. I also plan to use the prosecco as suggested. 

    • Yes, it may be a bit too sweet. I recommend taste-tasting before adding the sugar to assess if it is needed.

      • My trial went well froze fresh fruit mango and grapes and raspberries. Combined the moscato and fruit and added the prosecco just before serving. Was very yummy with the fresh frozen fruit in it that acted as ice as well. 

  3. A Total WINNER!!
    Saw this recipe & bought frozen peaches & raspberries  due to shortage of time. Not a kiwi fan so I did not use this fruit.
    Started w/ a bottle of Savagion blanc, added the sugar, sliced the peaches & added the raspberries.
    Had no time to chill so added 1/2 bottle of sprite & a few sprigs of mint on top….took to the pool party & 
    served over ice…it was fabulous & not a drop was left!! Perfect for a hot July 4th gathering.

    Can’t wait to use at a dinner I’m having next week ~ this time will add a bottle of processco & leave the sprite for the kids!!
    Thanks for a fabulous quick & delicious recipe…this is a keeper!!

  4. Do I just add the whole bottle of sparkling white wine to the pitcher after the hour in refrigerator?

  5. Please send me the recipe for the sparkling sangria drink with the apples and other fruit.

  6. This sounds lovely and I am planning on making this today, but trying to do this for a group who cannot have the alcohol.  If it tends to go flat what if I put one bottle of sparkling non-alcoholic wine or champagne to marinate and add another right before serving?  Do you have any other suggestions? Maybe ginger ale?? 

  7. Looks yummy !! Will surely give it a try

  8. This was a HUGE hit at my party this weekend! Thx!

  9. I remixed this recipe with rosé wine and it was delicious! Just make sure one of the rosé’s you use is sweet. Adds a little more color. 5 stars!!

  10. How much sparkling wine do you use? Just a splash?

  11. Any fruit substitutions you might suggest for someone who’s allergic to kiwi? This looks so tasty, but because of the kiwi I can’t make it straight from your recipe 🙂

  12. Since neither of these wines is sweet, is this sangria sweet at all?

  13. Is there anything I could substitute the sparkling wine for ?

    • Are you looking for a non-alcoholic substitute?

      • I love the sound of this one and I’m making a big jug for a party this weekend, but the sparkling wine not go flat in the fridge for an hour, and then it will take another couple of hours for people to drink it, shall I just stick to white flat wine?

        • Yes, the sparkling wine can go flat. You can actually save the sparkling wine during the chill process and use it right before serving.

  14. I am having Bunco at my home this month and was wondering how many people this will serve?

  15. I think I’m going to make this for football this weekend; it looks delicious and so refreshing for a hot day. Would you advise against soaking it overnight? I have heard the longer you soak sangria, the more flavorful it is, but I wouldn’t want any of the fruit to get mushy.

    • Soaking it overnight will bring out some amazing flavors, but the backside to that is that the fruit will soften the longer it is soaked.

  16. White wine sangria, the best I ever had was when I was in Europe

  17. what kind of white wine do you suggest? chardonnay?

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  19. I love sangria, what a perfect summer drink!

  20. We’re thinking alike! I made a white peach sangria for this week, and I think white sangrias might just become my official favorite drink of summer ’14., Congratulations on getting settled after your move!

  21. Sangria is always the best way to celebrate!!!

  22. This looks so delicious. I’ve already pinned it and can’t wait to make it! I’m guessing it’s from the move and all the cardboard and hand-washing (I know from experience!) but I couldn’t help but notice that your poor cuticles are so dry. Do you have a good nail balm or cuticle oil to use?

  23. Sounds good, thanks for sharing. We might have to have this on Canada Day with ripe, red strawberries!

  24. That drink looks sooo delicious and refreshing, thanks for sharing!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  25. Mmm Sangria! I don’t know why I don’t make it more often! This looks awesome with all the colourful fruits : )

  26. I could have so gone for this last night. Might even try it for a relaxing Sunday night. I cannot get over how awesome this looks. I hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂

  27. What a colorful and bubbly thirst quencher, and to top it off, it contents some yummy fruit. Cheers…

  28. I would love to have like 4 glasses of this right now. It’s been that kind of day 🙂 Looks so good to me right about now! Love all the berries in it!