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Baked Honey Sriracha Wings

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

These wings are perfect game day food with an amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they’re baked to absolute crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

I figured I’d take a break from all this holiday madness and focus on what’s really important right now, which is none other than football food.

Now if you’ve been following Damn Delicious for awhile now, you may know that I’m a bit obsessed with finding the perfect wing recipe. I’m actually not personally all the crazy about wings but Jason is a HUGE fan, which may actually be borderline obsession. But now that we’re right in the middle of football season, it’s the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of wings with my all-time favorite ingredient, Sriracha.

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

I”ve fried and baked my fair share of wings in the last couple of years. Fried is great and all but it can get really greasy and messy in the kitchen, which is not my favorite combination in the kitchen, or throughout the house. With the baked option, you never get that fried crispness but I may just have discovered a way around that with this recipe.

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Now these wings initially get tossed in a simple buttery spice mixture before they go in the oven. Once they’re almost cooked through, they’re slathered with a sweet, spicy Sriracha glaze, broiled to that crisp, “fried” texture without actually having to deep-fry. That charred, smokiness is such a wonderful addition to the wings, and the glaze is amazingly sweet with just the right amount of heat packed right in!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

These babies are the perfect kind of finger foods for your next football gathering, although I’m sure I could have this all year long!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings - An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they're baked to crisp perfection!

Baked Honey Sriracha Wings

An amazing combination of sweetness and spiciness in every bite, and they’re baked to crisp perfection!

15 minutes35 minutes


  • 2 pounds chicken wings
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro leaves
  • Sesame seeds, for garnish

For the honey Sriracha glaze

  • 5 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup Sriracha*
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • Juice of 1 lime


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. To make the glaze, melt butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Whisk in flour until lightly browned, about 1 minute. Stir in honey, Sriracha, soy sauce and lime juice. Bring to a boil; simmer until slightly thickened, about 1-2 minutes.
  3. In a large bowl, combine wings, butter, vegetable oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. Place wings onto the prepared baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes, using metal tongs to turn at halftime. Brush wings with Sriracha glaze and broil for 3-4 minutes, or until crisp and crusted.
  5. Serve immediately, garnished with cilantro and sesame seeds, if desired.


*Sriracha is an Asian-style hot chili sauce and can be found in the Asian section of your local grocery store.

Adapted from Comfort of Cooking.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Servings Per Container 6

Amount Per Serving
Calories 485.9 Calories from Fat 657
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 73.0g 112%
Saturated Fat 13.6g 68%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 137.6mg 46%
Sodium 376.8mg 16%
Total Carbohydrate 15.6g 5%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 13.8g
Protein 24.3g 49%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Damm Delicious is right!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    These chicken wings are so good! I have also  used the sauce on baked chicken thighs and pork chops- perfect!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wow!! These are amazing! Thanks for the recipe. My husband loves this. He is difficult to please, and this he asks for.

  4. These are delicious, easy to make and much healthier than many other foods I can think of. The holy trinity. LOL. Thank you for this recipe. I make these on the regular… in fact my recipe in preheating to 400 as we speak! 

  5. Sadly, these were a dud. I make them for the 4th of July, nobody touched them. I made 10lbs, so that money went straight to the trash, literally.

    • Shoot – what a bummer! Did you multiply the recipe by 5 then?

    •  You must have done a poor job on cooking or botched the recipe!  I’ve made these  wings multiple times for over 30 different people and everybody loves these wings!! I also add my own twist each time a lil different 

  6. Can I replace the flour in the sauce with corn starch to make this gluten free? What would you recommend for the tablespoon of flower?

    • Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications.

  7. This review is for the honey Sriracha glaze, that was outstanding. I seasoned my wings with my own combination of spices and cooked them on Weber gas grill for about 30 minutes on medium heat. Finishing them off with the honey Sriracha glaze, toasted natural sesame seeds and chopped cilantro just upped my game.

  8. Wow! These look finger-licking good! Pinning. 🙂

  9. We really enjoyed the chicken wings prepared this way. Loved the interaction between the srirach sauce and the honey.

    The wings turned out perfect, tender, moist and delicious. Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe, which was quick and easy to make with wonderful results. Made for Best of 2016. BK

  10. Excellent wings!!! Wow, these are so good. I really love the honey and sriracha combination. The directions were perfect. The broiling, right after basting, was a great technique to get the wing exteriors crispy. Yum, yum, yum! Thank you for a flavorful treat!

  11. I love making your HONEY TERIYAKI HOT WINGS and they are so easy to make – just make the sauce, pour in the baking dish and cook. Do you think I would be able to use the same method with this recipe?

    • What a great idea! But unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications.

  12. *it is so quick and easy to make*
    *They look amazing each step of the way*
    Sorry for the typos

  13. I NEVER comment online about anything….but I just HAD to let you all know these wings are at hit! It is so Kindle and quick to make. My husband tasted the sauce on the stove and was doing a dance because they were so good !

    Let me tell you…these wings will make you feel like a gourmet chef. They look amazingeachbstep of the way and especially when done.

    My husband is a wing lover and said there is NO reason to go out and eat wings at a restaurant!

    This is a must make. I stumbled upon this recipe online and can’t wait to see what other recipes you have.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  14. These were full of delicious stickiness…I toss the wings in the sauce and zapped them under the broiler…made for “Think Pink” tag game…

    I’m your biggest fan- thanks for turning me from a mediocre cook to one that constantly produces meals that my family gobbles up, drooling and kicking their plates regularly! I owe all my improvement to you, so thank you for making cooking so simplified. It is truly a gift. 
    Anyways, today I am writing you because I’m hosting a party tomorrow (it’s dog themed, Mr. Butters!) and I REALLY want to make these in my slow cooker. I’m also making your Slow cooker Sticky Wings which I love so much- so based on that deliciousness and the logistical need to not use the oven- do you have any suggestions for converting this to a crockpot recipe successfully? I read one of your previous comments stating you hadn’t tried it yet but I thought perhaps you have given it a shot by now: or maybe you have some recommendations for a base crockpot wing recipe to follow but using these ingredients? What about the butter? Do you have a speculation about cooking time changes? Is there any modifications I can make to the recipe to achieve the same flavor but in the slow cooker.? Sorry for all the questions I just really want to nail these as the wings are really the main food attraction tomorrow. Any help would mean so much! 
    Thank you and be well 

    • Awwww, Janel – you are so sweet! But unfortunately, I have not had a chance to try this in a slow cooker just yet but I don’t see why it would not work. I would just give it a quick broil at the very end to give it that crispy crust. Hope that helps!

  16. Made this for one of my appy nights with the hubby…I cut the recipe in half and it worked perfect…these are delicious! I will be making them again…and again…I tossed my wings in a with the sauce…

  17. I have made these before and they are always delicious, but recently made them for a superbowl party and used a different approach that still worked out well.

    I made the sauce ahead of time in a quadruple batch for 10 pounds of wings. The only thing I did have to do before saucing the wings was warm it in the microwave and whisk it vigorously as the butter had separated a bit. It re-emulsified nicely even after being refrigerated for a few hours.

    For faster cooking for a large crowd, we fried the wings for about 10-12 minutes before tossing with the sauce as you would a standard buffalo wing. This was just as delicious as the times I’ve baked (but obviously not as healthy).  If anyone is looking to do these for a crowd, I would recommend this method over oven baking because it saves time!

  18. These sound awesome! I am planning on using this recipe for a wing competition at my job – can the sauce be made beforehand and then reheated at the time of serving? Thanks for sharing this!

    • That sounds like a great idea but without having tried this myself, I cannot really say with certainty. As always, please use your best judgment.

  19. These sound so good but I don’t have sriracha. I do have chili garlic sauce though. Do you think I can use that? And would it be the same amount?

  20. Is there a way to adapt this recipe for chicken legs?

  21. Excellent recipe and great with chicken parts as well, just cook a bit longer before broiling.

  22. I have make this a dozen – at least – times but I use boneless thighs. My husband says this is is favorite chicken!

  23. I made this for fight night at my house and they were a hit with everyone!! Just the right amount of sweet and heat, I will definitely be making these again soon!

  24. When you say “salt and pepper, to taste”, how do you taste the seasoning when there is raw chicken mixed in? Could you give the measurements (or approximate)? Thanks!

  25. These wings are damn good, I agree, I made them for the first time today, will make them many more times, visiting my niece and her family in Maryland, and they loved them. Awesome sauce.

  26. These things are the real deal. Yum. Thanks for the recipe! I rarely use any other website for looking up recipes. I’m pretty much use damndelicious recipes only. You know how to cook and you know how to share the simple delicious food ideas.

  27. Just made this with some chicken thighs and shrimp! The glaze is amazing on everything!! Hubs is addicted 🙂

  28. Are you broiling on high or low? And for how long?

    • You can do either high or low – I know some people prefer to use the low setting because the high is just too strong. The timing for the broil is indicated in the recipe, but I would keep a close eye out for burning.

  29. I made these for my son and his friends (teenagers) instead of ordering them from our local pizza establishment. They were AMAZING! I have passed this recipe on to friends and family. Thank you so much for sharing.

  30. Try doing bone-in thighs on the grill, then brushing the sauce on them for the last few minutes. This way you get the crispy texture and the sauce. They will be very moist with bone-in thighs.

  31. Hey! These look so good! I want to make them for the Super Bowl but was wondering if you think it would work to bake them and then keep them warm in a crock pot on the lowest setting during the game if I make extra sauce to keep them from drying out. Let me know what you think!

    • That sounds like a great idea but I actually can’t really say for sure if this will work or not as I have not tried it myself. I also worry that the crispness will dry out if left in the slow cooker to be kept warm.

  32. Made these tonight they were delish.The glaze was amazing.Will be making them again for sure.

  33. just made these last night. these are amazing! thank you for sharing this recipe. My Hubby wants me to make them again for New Years Day!. I am gluten free so a lot of your recipes work for me. 🙂 thank you!

  34. can you use salted butter? instead

  35. Made these for dinner..just amazing..These wings made my husband nuts..He is asking if i can make these again this weekend..Thx for the recipe ..

  36. Can I deep fry these? And should I toss them in the sauce before I fry the wings, after or both?

  37. made these tonite ! SO GOOD ! on my ‘keepers’ list ! Thank you !

  38. I tried this today for dinner using drumsticks since i didn’t have wings at home and it was DAMN DELICIOUS! thanks for the great recipe! I’ll make sure to share your site with my friends. 🙂

  39. This recipe looks amazing, I’m planning on making these wings for a dinner party … do you recommend any dipping sauce for the wings?

    • Ranch is always a safe choice, although honestly, these wings are packed with so much flavor – a dipping sauce is really not needed!

  40. HO-LY SMOKES!!! I just tried this recipe for dinner and it was amazing! I didn’t have wings, though, only chicken thighs, but figured the recipe sounded delicious enough that it wouldn’t matter – boy was I right! Very easy recipe to follow, and already has requests in my house to make it again soon. Thanks!

  41. Had these tonight!! Wonderful. Thank you

  42. Just made these for supper tonight. OMG these were amazing! Hubby and son said these were a real keeper! Easy to make, my new fave. I am a senior citizen (late 60’s), gonna keep following Chung-Ah, you really know how to cook girl.

  43. so DAMN DELICIOUS indeed!!!! 😀

  44. Delicious, delicious, delicious! Just made these for our 4th of July dinner and they are awesome! Thank you so much for all the wonderful and delicious recipes! I will make these again and again!

  45. Could you toss the wings in the sauce rather than brushing them on?

  46. Made these last night. They were soooooo good. And not too spicy.

  47. My dad requested these again for Father’s Day! They are really fun to make, thanks for the great recipe!

  48. First off wings look great, I will be making them soon! But I just had a question about the broiling. Do you transfer the wings off the parchment paper before you broil them? I was under be impression parchment can only be used under 450 degrees.


    • Because it’s such a short amount of time for broiling, it’s fine to keep the wings on the parchment paper.

  49. At the “halftime” is that after 10-15 minutes you turn them or after the 25-30 minutes of baking time?

  50. Hi, I’ve just found your web page full of fabulous recipes. They are simply yummy & will be enjoyed all the way across the pond in Anglesey, Wales, UK.

  51. Can you use breast or thighs with this recipe? sounds sooo yummy but I don’t any wings in my freezer.

  52. I just decided to get on the sriracha train and needed something put it on !!

  53. These SIRACHA wings are the BOMB DiGGiDy!

  54. Made these tonight with skinless drumsticks. Awesome!! I baked the drums 20 minutes on each side.

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  56. Fantastic!!! These are our new go-to wings!

  57. Whats the best way to make these with frozen wings? Should I thaw them first?

  58. I made this for Super Bowl and they were scrumptious! The flavors were great, but I had a couple of problems. My wings didn’t get crispy, so I am thinking I should have cooked them longer. Also my sauce had a strange thick consistency and felt like it did not blend cohesively. What is the glaze supposed to look like? Other than that we all loved them and I would definitely make them again!

    • You can always broil them for a bit longer to get that amazing crispy crust. As for the glaze, it should have a pretty thick consistency.

  59. Everyones taste is different, but these are the best wings I have ever eaten. I have made them several times, always a hit. I followed the recipe exactly only adjusting the sriracha sauce to 1/4 cup. Warning…….they are addicting!

    • Edit to comment above…..I decreased the sriracha sauce to half the amount. I had doubled the recipe so I used 1/2 cup honey to 1/4 cup sriracha. For us it was the perfect amount of spice.

  60. We made these a couple of weeks ago. We will e making them again tomorrow night. They are damn delicious!

  61. These look SO good! It is hard to get good wings where I live, and I’m always too intimidated to do them at home because of the deep frying…I definitely need to try this baked recipe! It looks awesome!

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  64. Just made these tonight…minus the soy sauce since I didn’t have any. They were very tasty. Will definitely make these again.

  65. Just curious if frozen or fresh wings were used?????

  66. OMG these are the bomb! I made this recipe without the cilantro & seeds. I used boneless chicken thighs baking for 45 minutes. The husband said it was the best chicken he’s ever eaten. I will definately try this with wings!

    • I’m so glad you were able to give this a try! I’ll have to make this again with chicken thighs – it sounds amazing!

  67. Just made these exactly as the recipe states this morning. They were delicious. Sweet with a little hint of spicy. I couldn’t get my wings to get crispy, but they were still good. Thanks for the recipe!

  68. Made these today and they are delicious! Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!

  69. I made them for our New Year’s, just used pomegranate molasses instead of honey, they were absolutely delicious!

  70. Made these for New Years Eve. They were fantastic! Will be making them again!

  71. These wings are pure perfection! I am with you on not loving to fry things. I am making them tonight for the NYE. I might have to wrestle my husband for my share!

  72. Oh wow, these wings look perfect! My mouth is watering at the thought of honey & sriracha 🙂

  73. I am somewhat of a wing ‘snob’ and I have to tell you that I made this recipe tonight and was blown away. I’ll be passing this one down to the famdamily. Thanks, Chung-Ah. To sum it up: TO DIE FOR.

  74. These wings are perfect!! I love sriracha and finding the perfect wings is a quest of mine too. I’m gladly going to try these 🙂

  75. I saw Georgia’s recipe and wanted to try too (but haven’t had a chance yet). Now you made these delicious wings as well and I have to get wings ASAP! Looks amazing. My mouth water by looking at these photos!!! Irresistible wings #1!!!!

  76. Chung-Ah, I can’t wait to try this. The sriracha caught my eye, but I love the technique of baking them until crisp and then dousing them in that delicious sauce. They look absolutely incredible!

  77. Oh my Lord, these have to be the best looking wings ever! I’ve never made them before, but I’m definitely giving these a try! Btw, I am now starving girl!!

  78. These wings look incredible – a game day must!

  79. What is srirache & where to find it pls.

  80. Wow! These look amazing! I am also obsessed with finding the perfect wing recipe- and the perfect brand of chicken wings as well. I can’t stand fatty wings. Will definitely be trying your recipe….love Sriracha. Have you tried the Mango Habanero Sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings? It’s excellent – I bought a case and toss my wings in it.

  81. Oh…I agree, they look baked to perfection. And I can almost smell all the wonderful flavors 🙂 ela

  82. These have got to be the best wings ever devised by man, Chung-Ah! Stunning food styling and photography, too. Mmm! Cannot wait to make. Pinning!

  83. I would be in my husband’s good books for weeks if I made up a batch of these. Lovely and spicy!

  84. That glaze sounds heavenly. Love that it’s sweet and spicy!

  85. Baked wings are the best, less mess all of the flavor. But wow, Sriracha wings, awesome idea. Dan is going to swoon when I make these on game day.

  86. Oh, these chicken wings look so good! They are making me hungry right now, at midnight! 🙂 Love how colorful they came out to be – it must be the Sriracha sauce! Pinned!