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Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies

All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies - All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

You guys know how I feel about one pan meals. One single sheet pan. Zero clean-up. Done and done. And then you get major bonus points when the veggies are cooked right alongside the same pan.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies - All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

That’s exactly what’s happening here. With a simple honey balsamic marinade, you can toss everything right onto the sheet pan and pop it in the oven, adding in your asparagus the last 10 minutes of cooking time so they are not overcooked.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies - All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

You can also easily adapt this recipe and add in more veggies to you liking (ex. green beans and carrots). After all, with this flavor-packed chicken, you just can’t go wrong with any other vegetable combination!

Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies - All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

Honey Balsamic Chicken Breasts and Veggies

All cooked on one single pan. Easy peasy with zero clean up, and packed with so much flavor. Done and done.

10 minutes30 minutes


  • 16 ounces baby red potatoes, quartered
  • 2 cups cherry tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1 pound asparagus, trimmed
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves

For the chicken

  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried basil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together balsamic vinegar, honey, Dijon, garlic, oregano and basil; season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  2. In a gallon size Ziploc bag or large bowl, combine balsamic vinegar mixture and chicken; marinate for at least 30 minutes to overnight, turning the bag occasionally. Drain the chicken from the marinade.
  3. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly oil a baking sheet or coat with nonstick spray.
  4. Place potatoes and tomatoes in a single layer onto the prepared baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, to taste. Place chicken around potatoes and tomatoes in a single layer.
  5. Place into oven and roast until the chicken is completely cooked through, reaching an internal temperature of 165 degrees F, about 25-30 minutes.* Stir in asparagus during the last 10 minutes of cooking time.
  6. Serve immediately, garnished with parsley, if desired.


*Cooking time will vary depending on the size and thickness of the potatoes.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Servings Per Container 4

Amount Per Serving
Calories 411.8 Calories from Fat 89.1
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 9.9g 15%
Saturated Fat 1.8g 9%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 98.0mg 33%
Sodium 154.3mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 37.5g 13%
Dietary Fiber 5.4g 22%
Sugars 16.2g
Protein 43.4g 87%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Looking forward to make this for dinner tonight. It sounds delicious! My chicken is in the fridge marinating. Can I use the leftover marinade and pour it over the potatoes and veggies before baking in the oven? Or, do I need to make more to dress the potatoes and veggies? Don’t want anyone to get food poisoning!

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    This recipe is to DIE for. Especially if you make an extra balsamic reduction to drizzle over just brings it over the top. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because the prep time listed is super misleading. It says 10 minute prep time but then in the second step it says to marinate the chicken for 30 minutes up to overnight. Other than that super easy and I could eat this endlessly!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    This recipe is just DIVINE!! Made it for the first time tonight for a crowd of 13 & everyone raved!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Made this last night and it was wonderful easy and clean up was nothing. I added a bag of frozen veggies then for a little extra made a pecan balsamic vinegar spread with rosemary

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Delish!! As a note to others re:cooking time—I always parboil my small potatoes for a minute or two—cut or not—before adding to any oven meal. This ensures they are clean and will be cooked through along with the meat. 

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Unsurprisingly, this recipe was delicioust! I added grated Parmesan to the asparagus when I added them to the pan, but otherwise followed directions and loved it! 

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Was looking for something different and easy to prepare before hand. Used the veggies I had – bell pepper, onion, mushroom and string beans. Served it with quinoa. Husband and kids cleaned their plates. Thank you. 

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much for creating an elevated sheet pan meal that is wholesome and flavorful. This recipe provides a fantastic base to customize it to how your liking or keep it as is! It will definitely be a repeat!

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    I altered the recipe just a tad bit, but kept the instructions for the meat. This was delicious. Thank you! Will be using this again!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this recipe! I usually make the chicken by itself and pair with whatever sides I’m craving. 

    I want to make this in a slow cooker. Would I need to add more liquid if I wanted to cook the chicken in a slow cooker in the marinade? I saw the article you posted on someone else’s comment a while back but it didn’t mention anything about that. 

    Thank you!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is so good! I used the entire marinade for 1 chicken breast (I usually always double or triple marinades in all recipes I try). Used 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper.

    Placed canned green beans with pats of butter around the chicken and dumped the marinade on top of everything (which was a mistake). Since I used all of the marinade instead of half, my green beans came out really sweet. Chicken was perfectly seasoned and I remedied the sweetness in the green beans by just eating them with a bite of chicken. I’m adding this to my recipe binder! So good!

    My chicken took longer because I did not pound down the large side (and also everyone needs to remember that cooking times can vary!)

    I put it under the broiler to brown it up some, but it still wasn’t dry even though I got it over temperature by about 20 degrees. (Remember that cooking your chicken over 165 greatly increases the chances of it getting dry!)

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Made this tonight and it was very good. Took advice in comments, so I soaked the cut up baby potatoes in hot water for ten minutes, drained them and then prebaked them for ten minutes before adding the other items. Then added the rest, with most of the marinade drizzled over. I used green beans as no nice asparagus was available. Chicken was  at 165 after 28 minutes in my oven, and all veggies were also then perfect. Btotal bake time, including the potatoes prebake, was 38 minutes. The cherry tomatoes were a lovely touch. We will definitely make this again.  Thank you for a very nice recipe. 

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    I just made the chicken. It was super easy and really delish! I will make this again for sure.

  14. Trying this tonight but want to know if I can put the chicken in the insta pot instead

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    I used 5 chicken breasts which was approximately 3.5lbs~ and amped up the ingredients by 1.5x of what was recommended. Sliced the breasts into thinner slices and marinaded the chicken for 2hours. I used around 3/4 tsp of salt and pepper. Baked at 400 degrees for 15minutes. Came out really juicy and tender. I am loving it and excited for lunch tomorrow! Great recipe!

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Easy and delicious!! My entire family loved it.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Love this recipe! So easy to make, so easy to clean up, so good! I did pour the marinade over the chicken and vegetables and basted the chicken a couple times with it but, other than that, I didn’t change a thing. I don’t understand all the negative comments about the timing being off. When my chicken was done, my potatoes, tomatoes and asparagus were perfect! I would say, just as a warning, if you’re asparagus isn’t pretty thick, ten minutes may be too long.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    This dish was delicious. It was very tasty, and easy to make. I usually do not eat asparagus, but cooked according to this recipe, it was quite good. This recipe will become one of my regulars. I would recommend making twice the amount of marinade, so that it can be reduced and used for dipping.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simple, delicious ingredients and very quick easy to make. It was really tasty and I will defiantly make it again. 

  20. Great recipe. I usually “up” the ingredients in the marinade for more flavor (ie. more honey, mustard and a little garlic salt). I also make extra marinade for the veggies and potatoes. I’ve found my family prefers chunked sweet potatoes over the red potatoes. Their sweetness with the honey and balsamic is delicious. We never have leftovers when I make this meal. 

  21. Rated 3 out of 5

    Tasty recipe, but the cooking time is significantly longer than noted for the potatoes. I recommend cooking the potatoes/tomatoes for 20 minutes before adding the chicken, otherwise the chicken is overcooked and/or potatoes undercooked.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    I was looking for a lighter version of another Balsamic Glazed chicken recipe (without butter), and I came across this recipe. It turned out amazing! I used chicken thighs, and poured the leftover marinade over the chicken before baking (to baste with during cooking). Served with brown rice and a tomato cucumber salad 🙂 I will be using this recipe from now on!

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve made the his many times, I think the mustard really helps break down and make the chicken tender and juicy. Sometimes I make Sligjt adjustments (add a little more honey) but definitely a go to recipe for chicken. I don’t make the rest of the recipe and just grill the chicken!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great recipe, I added olive oil only because i love the taste and it seemed strange to have a marinade without fat 🙂 Loved the flavors, i actually made twice the marinade and separately marinated the veggies and added them plus the spare sauce to the pan at the end. Didnt use potatoes because i tossed the whole shebang with garlic basil linguine from TJs. That being said, if you make a recipe with balsamic vinegar as the base for a marinade and come back to the author complaining it didnt have flavor, the problem is with YOU my friend. No amount of professional kitchen gadgetry is going to correct user error.
    Thanks for posting, the rest of the blog is great as well.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    I only made the chicken and served with spaghetti squash and broccoli. Marinated the chicken in the fridge for 3 hours and then baked at 400 for 30 minutes uncovered, let stand for 5 minutes and served. Was delicious! Entire family loved it. Thanks(:

  26. I followed many of the comments here to great success – I started the potatoes first for 10 minutes, then I added cherry tomatoes, chicken tenders/halves instead of breasts, and later, some green beans. It was absolutely delicious. Thank you!

  27. I cannot have balsamic vinegar, or any vinegar due to migraines. Can it be replaced with something along the lines of an Italian dressing ?

  28. I thought this was great and very easy. I used green beans since asparagus is out of season & green beans were at the farmer’s market. I think next time I’d reserve some of the marinade to dress the veggies while baking, but otherwise, this is a great and easy addition to my repertoire. I’ll be checking out more of your recipes!

  29. Tried it but something went wrong. The balsamic dressing stuck horribly to the pan and had to throw it out! Not the food the pan. The dinner was good but there was no sauce to baste or pour afterwards. Also most of the tomatoes got burnt. I’ll have to do some tweaking next time.

  30. Made this tonight for a quick dinner. Fabulous! Used zucchini along with the original veges. Nothing was left.

  31. This was the worst recipe I have ever found online. it took an hour longer to cook, and it was bland as could be. I am an experienced home cook, and this recipe was terrible. Flavorless, despite me following the recipe and seasoning as I went along. It was a complete waste of time and food. It was such a disappointment.

    • Anne Marie, I am sorry you had such a terrible outcome but if you are an experienced cook, dinner should not be taking this long. Perhaps your veggies were cut very largely? Perhaps your chicken was larger than normal?

      Cooking time in recipes is simply an ESTIMATION. There are other factors to consider here. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts should also NEVER take 45 minutes to cook through.

      • I have a professional range, and the small red potatoes were quartered. That being said, it still lacked flavor.

  32. The timing of this was all wrong. i have a professional range, and the chicken was cooked well before the potatoes which I cut into a small chop. That being said, I had to cook the chicken much longer than 30 minutes. It was more like 45. I had to remove the chicken, and continue to cook the vegetables. Even the tomatoes had not burst. I cooked the meal initially for 45 minutes and it still was not done. I have the veggies back in for another 10 minutes. I will update my review after the meal is finally done.

  33. For the majority of the recipe I am following to the T, but since I’m not an asparagus fan I opted for the long green bean and carrots to add a sweetness to go with balsamic tartness. Got my daughter to help out with cutting the green beans and potatoes since she likes helping me. Plus learning how to cook is a good skill to learn at a young age. I’m looking forward to the results. I will post accordingly.

  34. I think turning the temp down and letting it cook longer will help keep the chicken more moist. My chicken was on the thinner side so it ended up finishing before the veggies! 

  35. Can I use this on a pork tenderloin

  36. Made this last night and it was great! Easy clean up since only a sheet pan!
    Used 2 chicken breasts that I halved and then pounded out a little.
    We subbed carrots for the asparagus and it was awesome (put them in the oven with everything else in the beginning). Thank you!

  37. This sounds delicious! I’m thinking  about making this for dinner next week. 
    Could you tell me what balsamic vinegar you used?

  38. I made this for the first time tonight, and it’s going in a regular rotation. I marinated 6 chicken breasts all day in one ziploc bag. I quartered baby red potatoes, sliced some thin carrot sticks, and chopped some red onion. I added all those to another ziploc bag with olive oil, salt and pepper. When I came home form work, all I had to do is add chicken to one pan and veggies to another and bake. 30 minutes was perfect for the veggies. I sliced my chicken breasts thin, and they were fine, but I probably could have taken them out at 25 minutes. Wonderful, healthy meal. Thank you!

  39. This was super tasty! My only concern is that we had so many more veggies compared to chicken breasts, might halve the potatoes next times since the tomatoes are small anyway. We already halved the green beans since my roomie isn’t fond of them. But this was super tasty and simple and I would definitely make it again!

  40. Made this recipe tonight.  My husband and I both like it.  Will definitely bake this again!

  41. I just cooked this wonderful meal today.  I wish to thank you  for your blog,  your excellent recipes.  

    I have also referred your page to a friend of mine.  She will visit your page shortly if not already done.  

    Thanks again.

  42. So Good!! I made this for my husband and I and now we make it all the time!
    I reduced the marinade and poured it over the chicken and it was delicious!

  43. my boys loved  this! i used green beans instead

  44. People obviously aren’t using red potatoes which do cook faster than other potatoes. Great recipe! Thank you!

  45. My ten year old son has made this several times now. Cooked with green beans it comes out a treat. I freeze the leftovers in small lunch packs for work, my co-workers get jealous. Thanks heaps.

  46. I made your recipe for dinner last night. The finished dish looked like a photo in a cookbook. I was amazed at how juicy the chicken was! I used small red & gold potatoes, halved & quartered, depending on size. Everything was evenly layered on 1 dark sheet pan.
    Prepping the asparagus caused my cook time to run about 10 mins longer. Internal chicken temp was 175 at 40 mins total.  OMG … why does this combination of flavors in the marinade make my mouth so happy? I’ve cooked chicken a million different ways but never have I seen the cooked meat stay so moist! I was skeptical about the asparagus getting done in 10 minutes but that’s all it needed for the perfect soft crunch. Thank you, thank you, thank you … for this delicious one pan meal. I’ve bookmarked your recipe and will definitely fix this again. 

  47. Uh yeah. Theres no way this takes half hour to cook. I’ve made this recipe about a dozen times already with different sized chicken breasts and different sized veggies and it’s always taken at least 45 min @ 400 to cook. These instructions need to be adjusted.

    • Amanda, cooking time in recipes are simply an estimation. I have also made this a countless number of times and I have never had any issues outside the cooking times listed here. However, please note that larger sized chicken breasts will require more time.

      Also, if your oven is not regularly calibrated, chances are your oven’s temperature is not accurate. You may set it to 400 degrees, and it may tell you it’s at 400 degrees, but your oven might be off by just a little, maybe 10 degrees or maybe even as much as 100 degrees. I recommend investing in an oven thermometer to see what is really going on in your oven.

  48. Awesome recipe! This one will make the regular rotation. I chopped the potatoes a little smaller than quarters so they would cook quicker. Juicy chicken – I am thinking about seconds. 🙂

  49. OMG your recipes and blog is INCREDIBLE – excuse me while I fangirl over your blog, its layout and your beautiful photos and DELICIOUS recipes. -ANYWAY – I have Celiac Disease, am lactose intolerant and have severe IBS, so I follow a: gluten free, dairy free, low fat, low fodmap diet so FINDING new recipes/foods my fiance likes and agrees with my intestines is tough – BUT YOU MADE IT HAPPEN WITH THIS MEAL 🙂 HANDS DOWN SO DELICIOUS!!!!!

  50. Let me say first I will make this again but I spent an evening being really frustrated and I would vary this recipe quite a bit in cooking time.  My potatoes were cut into VERY small cubes and I used carrots too. The veggies cannot get done that fast , it’s just not possible. I had to take the chicken out and keep it warm while the veggies got done. Next time I will put the potatoes and carrots into the oven for at least 20-30 min and then add the marinated chicken.  The taste was delicious and my whole family agreed that it was a great dinner.  I just think you are way underestimating how long those little potatoes take to get soft.

  51. I was worried when I went to make this recipe because of all the negative comments saying cooking times were off. I poured the liquid over the chicken and potatoes (due to people saying chicken was dry) and cooked everything in a Pyrex. Cooking time was accurate (mine took a couple minutes longer since my chicken breasts were thicker). I subbed out asparagus for green beans and didn’t use tomatoes because the family doesn’t like them. Delish! Don’t know why you wouldn’t pour the sauce all over… that’s the best part!

  52. Just checking – the oven will be quite hot? 400F translates to about 200C, which is what I am using.

    This is a little warmer than I would normal cook chicken at. First time I am trying one of your recipes and don’t want to mess it up!

  53. Do you have the nutritional facts for this? It’s in the oven now and I could’ve sworn I saw them earlier when I picked the recipe to cool!

  54. Tried this today and it was a success!! I modified the recipe by using chicken thighs instead and searing them on high heat before putting them into the oven. I kept basting the chicken with the marinate. The outcome was fab and definitely a keeper! Thank you for sharing!

  55. Just made it the for my wife and son for valentine’s day. They both enjoyed it, as did I. I did not account for marinade time however (about my 4th time attempting to cook)  so I only got to marinade for 30 minutes. Still came out good, golden brown outside, moist chicken breasts, and little red potatoes cooked pretty darn good. Thanks for the help on V-day! BTW this experience made me wanna try to cook more.

  56. I forgot to buy the mustard when I went to the store! Will the marinade still taste alright without? Should I adjust the amounts of the other ingredients to make up for it?

    • Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications.

  57. I added extra virgin olive oil to the marinade…I tasted the marinade made according to the recipe here and it was not good – needed olive oil. Did you maybe forget to add it to the recipe listed here??

  58. Made this tonight for dinner. It turned out great! I added radishes too and covered with foil. Cooked at 400 for 30 minutes. It was tender and very flavorful! The entire family devoured it! Thank you for the great recipe!

  59. Does this recipe require the dish to be covered while
    In the oven? 

  60. Omg this was amazing just finished eating it for tea tonight chicken was cook at 175 for 35 mins perfectly not over cooked.the taste was amazing in my mouth.
    My family loved it they ask to make this next time

  61. We used pretty large chicken breasts and added 10 minutes after we checked the internal temp. So juicy! I picked smaller red potatoes and cut into eigths but still wanted a tiny bit more cooktime for those.

  62. This is a fantastic meal. I’ve even done it as a make ahead…for the chicken at least. I make a big batch of the marinade, and divide it among freezer bags with 2 chicken breasts each. Then I can just thaw as many as i need overnight in the fridge and it marinates while it thaws, to enjoy for dinner the next night.
    Wonderful with green beans also.
    Thanks Chungah for all of your great recipes…always easy and yes, damn delicious!

  63. I just made the chicken part of the recipe and it turned out yummy! My husband devoured it and he doesn’t like balsamic vinegar.

  64. This recipe is AMAZING! It came out Soooo tender and delicious!!

  65. Made these for dinner tonight! DELICIOUS

  66. My parents have made this recipe before or something similar to it, and I thought it was really delicious! So I googled it and came across your recipe which looks and sounds like the same thing. I was wondering though, I would really like to make this in a crock pot, so would you do anything different? Thanks!

    • It is very difficult to give exact conversion information to translate a traditional stovetop recipe to be used in a slow cooker without further recipe testing. However, here is an article worth checking out on a possible conversion guide. Hope that helps!

  67. Mediocre. Not worth the time it took. Won’t be making again

  68. I’m very irritated that I made this meal and everything came out dry. Dissapointed and embarrassed. Don’t know what went wrong. I reread the directions and I did everything the same, except I used green beans instead of asparagus. Blech.

  69. I believe you need to edit your initial instructions, as many people are having uneven results. Like stated by another person, you say to place chicken atop of the vegetables in step-by-step instructions, then reply to a commenter that everything should be in a single layer (indicating chicken should be placed flat in the pan amongst the vegetables. It wouldn’t matter if they used baby reds or not, with the chicken placed on top of the vegetables, it would not cook properly. Nice adaption, I first discovered this one 5 years ago and it has always been a staple in my home.

  70. I cut the potatoes in small cubes, the size of halved baby potatoes, but it did not cook through in 30min! Then again, I used the fire red ones and not softer yellow ones. Had to put back in oven and I used fresh green beans that also needed more than 10 minutes. I eventually covered with foil and placed back for another 25minute.

  71. It was delicious! We used small yellow potatoes instead of small reds. Our chicken took about 45 minutes to cook but was fine as it gave time for the potatoes to get soft. We will be making it again and marinating our chicken for 24 hours for even MORE flavor! 

  72. Wondering if anybody has done a day ahead and reheated? If so, results?

    • I made the recipe and had enough for leftovers the next night. It was delicious heated in the microwave.   (Two chicken breasts – husband away this week so on my own).

  73. Great meal! Next time I will add the marinade to the veggies to kick it up a notch. Gorgeous presentation with all the fresh colours. I tossed the potatoes in the oil and S/P and roasted them for 15 minutes alone and then added the tomatoes and chicken because I was afraid they would not cook enough. Worked beautifully. 

  74. I just prepped this meal to make tonight, only I’m using chicken breast tenderloins and potatoes, onions and baby carrots…do I need to adjust my cooking time? 

  75. Substitute squash for potatoes for an excellent low carb meal!

  76. Why not add add the marinade ingredients directly to the ziploc bag instead of having a bowl to wash?

  77. I have so many sweet potatoes that need to be used. Do you think I could substitute for the baby reds or will they alter the recipe greatly?

  78. Loved this! Used asparagus and some onion.

  79. This dish was amazing I made double the marinade and poured in with the veggies, then cooking with foil over the top removing for browning the chicken was so tender and was a massive hit with my family. Thankyou 🙂

  80. This is not a recipe my family would usually try — they aren’t the flavor profiles typical of meals my parents will eat. However, I made this dish the other night, according to the recipe, without substitutions or additional ingredients, and it was delicious.

    I did not use large red potatoes or large chicken breasts and I still had to cook it longer than the recipe called for, but our chicken was moist and flavorful, the asparagus was cooked absolutely perfectly and my potatoes were cooked all the way through, although I wouldn’t have minded if they kind of caramelized with the balsamic marinade.

    Hats off! Great meal!

  81. I’m a super beginner level cook, and I’m confused. You said baking pan, put veggies and put chicken on top. Bit in the comments you said everything in one layer (so don’t put the chicken on top?) Also how do you stir in the asparagus if your using a baking pan? Do you mean just add them to the pan with the rest, not really stir?

    • It is best to have everything in a single layer to ensure even cooking throughout. You can also stir in the asparagus using tongs or a silicone spatula.

  82. Very delicious, made this tonight would definitely make it again and would recommend to anyone

  83. I thought you shouldn’t use the marinade that the chicken sat in. I would make a second marinade to cook with.

    • Rated 5 out of 5

      You can use the marinade early in the cooking process, so putting some in the pan with the chicken before tossing it in the oven will give it enough time to cook out any bacteria. If you plan on using it later in the cooking process, then you need to boil the marinade for a few minutes to kill any bacteria.

  84. This was so easy and so good! The chicken was tender and the potatoes were yummy! My whole family enjoyed it!

  85. I made this recipe last night and it was delicious!

  86. I love your one pan meals, I have tried several of them and they are delicious!  But I can’t ever get everything to fit on one pan, I don’t know if I am adding too much veggies or if my pans are small, what size pan do you use?

    • I use a 18×26-inch sheet pan. What size are you using? You can also divide up the recipe into two sheet pans as needed.

  87. This wasn’t that flavorful and the chicken wasn’t cooked in the time said. 

    • I’m sorry that this recipe did not turn out the way you had imagined. I only post recipes that have been successfully tested in my own kitchen, and as you can see from the comments here, many of these readers have had great outcomes in the final dish as well. So I must ask – did you follow the recipe exactly as written without any substitutions?

      Also, cooking time listed in the recipe is simply an estimation but can also vary depending on the size of the chicken.

  88. Super easy and added green beans with the asparagus.  Next time I will start the potatoes 15 minutes prio to adding the chicken.  Used baby red potatoes cut in quarters and had to extend cooking time to get Hesse babies fully cooked through.

  89. Made this for teenage boys and they loved it!  Put in onions (quartered) and basted with the marinade through the cooking process.  Very tasty – will be making again!  Thank you!

  90. can you make extra marinade to pour over potatoes ans tomatoes before cooking?

  91. Made this last night and it is YUMMY!  I will be making it again!  I also will teaching my granddaughter how to make it and she is only 14…

  92. Do you blanch the asparagus? 

  93. Looks and sounds delicious. Have you ever tried this recipe with chicken thighs? 

  94. I’d like to make this with green beans.  How long do you think it would take green beans to cook in the oven?

  95. I made the recipe as directed, but after 25 minutes my chicken was no where near cooked. Is there some reason this could have happened?

    • There could actually be a few reasons for this:

      1. Perhaps your oven is not calibrated properly? For reliable, consistent results with recipes, I recommend investing in a good oven thermometer. You can read more about it here.
      2. Perhaps your chicken breasts are massively large? Cooking time can vary depending on the size of your chicken.

      Hope that helps!

  96. Using thin sliced boneless chicken breasts. Do you think I will need to reduce the cooking time?

  97. I made this twice last week and it was so delicious! I love sheet pan suppers! Thank you for the great recipe!

  98. What a great recipe!! The chicken was moist and rich in taste… My family just gobbled the whole thing up… Thank you!! 

  99. Family loved it!  Even the very fussy eater!  it’s in the rotation

  100. I want to try this with a dinner party for 10.  If I double everything would it work?  Could I cook this in a large Pyrex dish?

  101. This is calling my name.  It sounds so easy and super tasty.

  102. Just making sure I have this straight–the veggies go in a single layer and then the chicken goes on top of the veggies?  Or is the chicken placed among the veggies, so flat on the baking pan?

  103. This recipe was perfect. Delicious, healthy and easy. It took me a little longer to prepare (i prepped more veggies) and also the cook time was about 15 minutes longer due to fairly large chicken breasts. I’ll prep the chicken ahead next time to speed things up. I used 2 lb red baby potatoes, some cherry tomatoes, carrots and threw on green beans for the final 15 min. Family LOVED it! Even the 1yo twins and 5yo boy. Thanks!!

  104. This dish took much longer than the 30 mins. It wasn’t the chicken but potatoes….I’ve NEVER roasted potatoes to completeness in the amount of time posted

    • Megan, the potatoes should not need more than 30 minutes to cook through unless you are using abnormally large-sized potatoes. It may be best to use smaller potatoes to ensure shorter cooking time.

  105. I just tried this and it’s amazing! I didn’t even leave it for 30 minutes to overnight because I was in a rush; however, next time I will. I also added some chili pepper. Looking forward to try more!

  106. We are not fans of mustard…can it be left out or do you have a substitute suggestion?

  107. If I used Brussels sprouts instead of asparagus for this recipe, would I have to have a longer cook time? Or will it all be cooked the same?

  108. Can I make this with bone-in/skin-on chicken thighs?

  109. This recipe is Delish but takes MUCH longer than 30 mins to cook

    • Kate, the cooking time listed here is simply an estimate and will vary depending on the size and thickness of the chicken breasts.

      • Hi. Made this tonight but it definitely took a lot longer than 30 minutes and the flavor was ok. I also had to take the chicken out to continue cooking potatoes. Don’t think I’ll try it again
        …glad it came out well for other’s though!

  110. This recipe looks delicious, I want to try it right away 🙂 I only have bone-in chicken with the skin on right now though. Should I do anything differently to adapt the recipe other than cooking time? Thanks!

  111. This looks delicious I will try it and see what the family says.

  112. I’ve been hooked on your blog since the siracha wings. SO GOOD! Question- should this dish be covered while cooking? Thanks so much!

  113. I made this for lunch meal preps for my boyfriend and I. It was absolutely delcious! The chicken was so juicy and the tomatoes were perfect with the flavors. I subbed out red potatoes for sweet potatoes and the colors were beautiful! I highly suggest it. Once again an excellent dish!

  114. will the chicken breasts actually be so beautifully browned when cooked in the oven for 25-30 min? could i put sliced sweet onions and tomatoes on the bottom and serve your lemon rosemary potatoes as a side dish?

  115. Thanks for another great chicken idea. We will use oven during the winter but we used the grill last night and it came out perfect. Of course since I had zucchini, squash and green beans instead of asparagus I improvised and was so good. Thanks again. Next time I might try it with fish. I’ll let you know how that comes out.

  116. Made this for dinner and it was a hit with the entire family! We loved it and the chicken turned out just perfect at 30 minutes. Thanks for an easy but impressive meal! Will be in regular rotation now. 🙂

  117. Just made this! Damn delicious! Thanks for postimg such a great recipe! Definitely adding it to my weekly recipe list!

  118. I love the concept, but it turned out quite dry for me. Did you pour the marinade over everything before baking? (I thought you weren’t supposed to do that with chicken, so I didn’t)

    • What a bummer! The marinade should be discarded as indicated in the recipe. Perhaps your chicken was overcooked?

    • Mine was very dry too.  

    • I made this tonight and found the flavor was ok, but the potatoes were undercooked and the chicken was very dry. Removed all from pan except the potatoes and continued to cook an addition 12 min. On convection, but they were still barely cooked on.  I will definitely not make this again, it was blah…

      • Deborah, thank you for trying my recipe. It is really best to use small potatoes to ensure even cooking time and to avoid dry chicken.

        • Many people don’t realize that with chicken breaths you (most) often need to pound the thick side down, to make the layer equal all around. Especially with the very large breaths that you fond today. Perhaps that’s the issue with people finding their chicken dry? I flattened my breasts out and found this recipes marvelous! First time reader of this blog, but I think I’m in love! TYVM! 

  119. After placing the veggies and meat, did you pour the remainder of the marinade into the pan? It appears there is some liquid in the photos.

    • I did reduce the marinade and add them to the chicken for photographic purposes but it’s really just an unnecessary step – there’s already so much flavor packed right into the chicken! 🙂

  120. I totally love the one pan meals you have been sharing! This one is especially perfect as our garden is brimming with cherry tomatoes right now. Thanks!

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