Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

No need to order take-out anymore – this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

I am a complete sucker for sweet and sour chicken when it comes to take-out. But it’s been hard to find a place that has it down perfectly – crisp on the outside yet completely juicy and flavorful with a sweet and sour punch. Thankfully, I found a homemade version from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe that has it down to a tee.

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

What makes this recipe so perfect is that the chicken is first fried to get that crisp exterior. Then it gets baked in a low temperature for an hour, really letting the sweet and sour flavors meld right into the chicken. I was worried that the chicken would get overcooked but it was actually so unbelievably tender. And the flavor packs in quite a punch!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!

The cooking time takes a little over an hour but I promise you – this version is well worth the effort!

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

Prep Time 20 minutes

Cook Time 1 hour

Total Time 1 hour, 20 minutes

Yield 4 servings

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!


  • 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch chunks
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 2 large eggs, beaten
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • For the sweet and sour sauce
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder


  • Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Lightly oil a 9x13 baking dish or coat with nonstick spray.
  • To make the sauce, whisk together sugar, vinegar, ketchup, soy sauce and garlic powder in a large bowl; set aside.
  • In a large bowl, season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste. Stir in cornstarch and gently toss to combine. Working one at a time, dip the chicken into the eggs.
  • Heat vegetable oil in a large saucepan. Add chicken and cook until golden brown, about 1-2 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate; discard excess oil.
  • Add chicken to prepared baking dish. Top with sweet and sour sauce. Place into oven and bake until the sauce has thickened, about 55 minutes, turning over every 15 minutes to evenly coat the chicken.
  • Serve immediately.


Adapted from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken - No need to order take-out anymore - this homemade version is so much healthier and a million times tastier!


    • Ralph says

      This is a great recipe!!! My son always ask when am I going to make the sweet and sour sauce again. It even works with pork chops

      • Juliana says

        I LOVE this recipe! I have made it in bulk several times, using pork roast or chicken. Sometimes I add onions and bell peppers or even a bit of jalapeƱo for spice. I cook up rice, put the finished product over rice into microwaveable, freezer ware. Then, when we are in a rush for dinner, I pop them into the microwave, and they turn out PERFECT every time!

  1. denise says

    This is a hit in our home. I only wish I would have discovered this years ago. It’s absolutely perfect in every way. Your pictures are so good, one could almost taste food through the screen ! Surprisingly, this is on our menu for Monday night ! Can hardly wait!

  2. Chesney says

    Hey there – instead of vegetable oil can I use canola oil? I’ve been asked by my doctor not to use the veg oil. :) thanks

  3. Flo says

    Just made this! It’s delicious! Thank you for this recipe!

    Made a few modifications, in the sense that i eliminated the steps with frying the chicken. It came out great, i can’t imagine how this could be better :-)

  4. says

    Your recipes are always delicious, Chung-Ah, but I just have to tell you…your photos get better and better! Your food is practically glowing. Makes me want to eat everything you make right off of the computer screen! šŸ˜‰

  5. says

    Oh my goodness, this sounds delicious! I always want to try to recreate favourites from takeout at home (so much cheaper and healthier!) Will have to give this a try next time I’m craving sweet and sour chicken. Thanks for the great recipe.

  6. Sarah says

    I recently discovered your blog and I’m so glad I did! I This recipe looks amazing-I’ll definitely be making this someday soon! Can’t wait to try it:)

  7. Natasha says

    This looks amazing n am sure gona try it tomorrow or before the end of the week. I jus wanted to confirm at what point do u add d sesame seeds? D do u bake it as well. N whats d green stuff :)

    • Chung-Ah says

      Natasha, the sesame seeds and green onions are mainly used as a garnish. It’s completely optional if you’d like to add it to your dish when serving.

    • Chung-Ah says

      You can cut down on the sugar amount if it’s too much but I would advise against the use of coconut sugar to avoid changing the taste/texture of this dish.

  8. Veronica says

    this look delicious and i’d love to try the recipe but I don’t eat chicken :( do you think i could try it with tofu? what do you suggest for the baking time?? Thanks!

    • Chung-Ah says

      I’m sure tofu would be an amazing substitute. You will have to adjust cooking time as needed as I do not think the tofu needs to be in the oven for an hour.

      • says

        I just made this with tofu tonight. I baked it for the full hour as I was waiting for the sauce to thicken. It was delicious! The baking was great for the tofu’s texture and flavor.

  9. says

    I recently found your blog and this is the second recipe I’ve tried….SO YUMMY! And omg so easy to make!!! We ate this all up, no leftovers for lunch today! Only one thing I noticed; the amount of vinegar made this a wee bit too ‘sour’ rather than sweet so next time I’m going to cut back a bit on the apple cider vinegar. Loved it though!! Thanks!

  10. says

    This looks divine Chung-Ah, you are on a Asian food takeout kick and I’m loving every minute of it! This is one of my all time favorite dishes, love the sweetness of it. Totally making it soon and throwing in a couple of veggies… cuz thats what I do. Pinning and sharing! :)

  11. Kelly says

    Tried this dish tonight. It was fantastic!! Your directions were so easy to follow. The chicken had just the right amount of breading, and the sweet and sour sauce had just the perfect combination of flavors. I will certainly make is again! Thank you =)

  12. rvg says

    This was excellent! I was worried that after 55 minutes in the oven it would be terribly dry but it was perfectly moist and delicious

    • Chung-Ah says

      Rebecca, the chicken should not be covered in the oven. If a dish requires to be covered, I will always indicate that in my recipes.

  13. June says

    Do you happen to know any nutritional information (e.g., calorie count per serving) for this recipe? It sounds delicious. Thanks.

    • Chung-Ah says

      June, unfortunately, as I am not a registered dietician, I am not comfortable sharing nutritional information of my recipes. Please use online resources to obtain such information.

  14. Ashley says

    This looks so yummy! Trying to avoid corn starch… any ideas what I can use as a substitute? Some kind of flour maybe? Want to eat this right now!! Yum!

  15. Vicky says

    Fantastic and my teenage kids love it (along with us adults) I’ve had to make double the serve as they are disappointed when its gone!

  16. Penny Moore says

    This was absolutely one of the best dishes i have made in a long time. This sweet and sour chicken does taste just like something you had ordered from your favorite Chinese restaurant probably better. This recipe is definately a keeper. And by the way your house smells delicious while its baking

  17. Rachel says

    We made this last night. I was really, super impressed. One of the better new recipes and definitely one we will make again. Thanks!!

  18. Michelle says

    DELICIOUS!! So much better than take-out! I sauteed up carrots and pineapple and after the first 15 minutes, stirred them in….to me, the juicy pineapple bites added just that little bit extra. Even my picky 3-year-old ate this up. I can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

    • Chung-Ah says

      Chris, you can certainly give that a try but I cannot speak for how much this will change the taste/texture of the overall dish.

    • Chung-Ah says

      You can certainly use white or rice vinegar but please remember that by using a substitution, I cannot speak for how much this will change in the overall taste or texture of the dish. I recommend using the specified ingredients listed in the recipe whenever possible for optimal results.

  19. Meg says

    I have a 5 yr. old with severe food allergies. He is a pretty well rounded eater, but has an incredibly strong will to NOT put anything in his mouth that he’s not 100% sure about. He has thrown food up (purely unvoluntarily) and well, to say that he is sensitive is an understatement.

    He ate this. And LIKED it. Woooooeee! Home run. :) :) :) it is delicious!!!

    P.S. does anyone have any tips on how to make this without looking like a splattered oily mess afterwards? :/

    • Chung-Ah says

      I’m so happy to hear that! As for the splattered oily mess, I like to use a splatter guard – it makes clean up so much easier.

  20. Rosa says

    This was amazing! My husband, who loves our regular Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood, agreed that this dish was a million times tastier and so easy to make. Totally making this again – thank you!!!

  21. Kaye says

    Hi! This looks fantastic, and I’m planning to try it tomorrow. Just one question: is Kosher salt necessary?

  22. Jennifer A. says

    Hello! I plan on making this tonight and substituting the chicken for pork, do you know how long I should put it in the oven for and at what temp?


    • Chung-Ah says

      You can certainly use store-bought sweet and sour sauce but it just won’t taste the same as making the sauce yourself. At the end of the day, nothing beats homemade!

  23. says

    This looks divine! Baked sweet sour chicken is a dish I always wanted to try but not sure how to do it (I thought I need to cover the dish during baking but obviously I was wrong!). Thanks for the thorough recipe and I will definitely try this out. Even thinking about using the whole chicken leg for this one! :)
    I came across your blog on Pinterest and I’m so glad I found it. You photos are beautiful and make me hungry. Great work and I’ll keep following. :)

  24. says

    This was amazing! I did make a slight modification as far as the light batter goes but my family was extremely pleased with the results. Adios takeout, there’s a new hit recipe in town.

  25. Kat says

    I am eating this as I type because it is AMAZING! I couldn’t even finish my plate before commenting on how great this meal is! Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be trying more of yours!

  26. Lauren says

    My mom sent me your website– the sweet and sour chicken was easy and delicious! My partner (who is VERY picky) LOVED it. Thank you!

  27. Reuven says

    Hi – Just found your website and this is the first recipe I tried. Great stuff! I like learning new things in the kitchen, and this technique of cornstarch and egg fry is new to me. Came out great! I had to cover it as it had to sit in the oven for a few hours on warm before we ate, still was good, perhaps not as crispy as it might have been. I will likely try adding some fruit juice or pineapple chunks to the sauce. Not exactly the same but I bet it would be good. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

  28. Kaelin says

    Hi! I’m making this tonight and looking forward to it! Do you think adding pineapple, onion and bell pepper to the chicken while it baked would be good? I would cut them all about the same size as the chicken.

  29. Meghan says

    I made this dinner last night and it was fabulous! I didn’t change a think about the recipe and it turned out perfect! Even good for a party appetizer as little chicken bites!! Fabulous!

  30. Amanda says

    Every Friday I help my mum get out of the kitchen by cooking dinner myself. I’m really into Asian food and the culture so you can see how I ended up here. I actually tried it today with white rice and steamed veggies! My family enjoyed every bite of it and I was really happy about this recipe! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes! :)

  31. Rebecca says

    Hey i am looking at your pictures and notice that seseame seeds and the green onion are not added to the ingredients!! Is there anything else that is added that is not mentioned! and have people been trying it like the picture or sticking to the recipe as written!

    • Chung-Ah says

      Rebecca, the sesame seeds and green onion were simply added as a garnish. The addition of these ingredients do not alter the taste of the dish. You can feel free to add or omit as needed.

  32. Greg says

    We made a few changes due to diet restrictions and the end result was superb. I list the ingredients first and short explanation why. TD Organic coconut sugar-its 70 to 79 percent sucrose and only three percent to nine percent each of fructose and glucose, kuzu root-a healthy, non-GMO cornstarch substitute, TD Orange Muscat Vinegar-gave the dish nice sour and infused with orange flavor that reminded us of Chinese Orange Chicken (a 2fer), Tamari-no wheat/gluten in tamari vs regular soy, brown rice-considered healthier because it still has the side hull and bran. We used all organic ingredients where possible. Thx for the recipe!

    *TD is Trader Joes brand

  33. suzanne bell says

    The sweet & sour baked Chicken is fantastic!! Easy, tangy and oh, so good!! New to your site, found you on Pinterest. Look forward to choosing the next recipe! Thanks!

  34. Fatima says

    I made this! Turned out very well except the sauce was a bit too sweet so can you plz tell me how to modify it? Also what have you used for garnishing?

    • Chung-Ah says

      You can reduce the amount of sugar, to taste. As for the garnishes, I have used sesame seeds and sliced green onions.

  35. Shelitha says

    Wow! I found this recipe about a few weeks ago, and OMGeeeee! I try to cook a variation of different foods. Mexican, Soul food, Italian. Now I can add Asian to my list! Saturdays are now my families Asian night! Thanks for the delicious recipe!

    • Chung-Ah says

      There really is no good substitute for the apple cider vinegar. I recommend using all of the ingredients listed in the recipe to obtain the best results possible. You can certainly try substituting other ingredients but I honestly cannot speak for how much this will change in taste/texture of the overall dish.

  36. Caroline O says

    We had this chicken for dinner tonight. I made it with boneless chicken thighs and used fresh minced garlic in the sauce. I served it with green beans and spring rolls. What a delicious supper!! Great recipe and easy to do too.

  37. Eva says

    Hi, I tried this recipe and it came out great! It was so easy to make and my family loved it. Thanks so much for this and other great recipes.

  38. Emily says

    Made this recipe tonight and wow! As a college student, this was incredibly easy and made with cheaper ingredients which I loved. Made a large batch for the week. Will probably double the sauce next time since it is so good! Thank you for this recipe!

  39. Stephanie says

    I’ve made this several times now and it’s amazing!!!!!
    Just wondering if anyone knows how to do the chicken the same but with a lemon sauce?
    I’m going to try and guess and put one together but I’d love it to just come out right without me guessing.

  40. Stevi says

    After finding this on Pinterest I have made this several times! It is SOOOO delicious and easy to make. And I don’t feel any guilt after eating it as I would after having take-out. So glad I found this on Pinterest because I have now discovered your amazing blog and delicious recipes!

  41. Sara says

    Hi there!
    Love your site and use many of the recipes! I am making this tonight and would like to add some sliced peppers and pineapple chunks. When would you suggest adding them? For the entire hour?

  42. says

    This is the EASIEST and BEST TASTING sweet and sour chicken recipes I have come across to date. It was delicious and I know it was reall damn good when my husband who doesn’t like his meat baked, said dinner was so good. Of course I’m keeping this recipe to use again! Thanks a lot for the post :-)

  43. Sadiya Islam says

    Just made this today…absolutely loooved it, will definitely make it again…was so easy to make!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe!!

  44. Gayle says

    Hi! Cooked this tonight & it it AWESOME! Made a few substitutions, using what I had on hand.
    Used Coconut Palm Sugar, fried in Canola Oil, served over Quinoa, not rice. Still, as I mentioned before it was TOTALLY AWESOME!


  45. Raldo says

    Awesome website, I love how the recipes are very simple. Made this dish last night and it tasted great but it was not crunchy at all. Wife said i should’ve just fried and poured the sauce on top to finish it off. Any thought on what I did wrong?

    • Chung-Ah says

      Raldo, this dish is not meant to be a crunchy chicken dish. If you are looking for crunchiness, then you may want to consider frying these and then using the sauce for dipping. But the beauty of this recipe is really how flavorful and tender the chicken becomes after baking them for an hour.

  46. Chelsey Ellison says

    I made this yesterday and was dying over how good this tasted! It’s going on the regular rotation at our house. My husband was loving it as well, I brought left overs to my work and shared it with multiple people who are all going to be making it now! One of my favorites!

  47. says

    Wow, this looks absolutely delicious. Beautiful photography, make it look amazing =) Can’t wait to try it! Added to my healthy homemade fast food recipes board. Thanks for sharing!

  48. says

    Thanks for all the delicious recipes you have brought to my table. I cooked this tonight for my family and we all loved it. We have also enjoyed your orange chicken and teriyaki salmon recipes.

  49. Kelly says

    I’ve made this twice now and followed recipe exactly, it was awesome! Smells so good while it’s baking! Love your recipes! Thank You !

    • Chungah says

      I do not recommend using regular vinegar. The flavor(s) of the apple cider vinegar is crucial to this dish.

  50. says

    I just made this. SO. SO. DELICIOUS. Man oh man is this tasty! I wish I had doubled the amount of chicken and everything so I could have more leftovers…and it’s just me eating this! I substituted raw honey for the sugar and didn’t use that much. Upon tasting the sauce I thought it would be too vinegar-y, but I left it that way, and the final verdict is that it’s perfect that way! I will definitely make this for other people in the future. Thanks for the recipe. :]

  51. Bill ward says

    Holy Mouth Watery Goodness!
    Just made this recipe for the 1st time and OMG! I love sweet y sour sauce anyhow! This recipe is super delicious! I doubled up the ingredients and used two pounds of chicken! I deviated slightly by adding 2tsp of ground ginger, added pineapple chunks,carrots,onion,red and yellow peppers! This dish was sex to my mouth!
    I cook for myself and when I do a fantastic job,I path self o the back! Made enough to last for a few days! Even used the sunflower seeds for garnish! Thank you
    For putting this recipe out there! OMG I’m sure it will taste even better once the flavor sets through overnight!

  52. jen says

    I did use store bought sweet and sour sauce as I cook for 10 people (8 kids) I had a few bottles on hand and it was a last minute addition to a recipe my daughter was making. Anyhow I followed all the steps except poured the bottled sweet and sour sauce over the chicken and halfway through the 50 minutes of bake time I added red peppers and pineapple chunks it turned out delicious, and even though I quadrupled the recipe it was gone in one meal. Needless to say this recipe is a hit at my house and we will definitely be using it again. Also I fried the chicken in peanut oil and it was fantastic! :-)

  53. Della says

    A co-worker made this at home yesterday and brought in left overs today! The left overs were so damn delicious that I cant wait to make it myself!

  54. Benji Jo says

    I made this this morning, and it is delicious. The only thing is that the breading or crust didn’t stay on the chicken, and sort of got mixed in with the sauce. It still tastes so good, (eating it right now, lol), but I’m wondering if I did something wrong, or if that’s what’s supposed to happen.

  55. says

    I just made this tonight and it was sooo delicious! Exactly what I was craving :) I was worried I’d mess it up because I doubled the recipe but it turned out just fine. I’m definitely bookmarking your site. Thanks so much.

  56. Mrs. Goldman says

    I’m having a big crowd at my house this week-end and I’m thinking…after the frying going to a crock pot on high for a couple of hours, then on low for my guests to serve themselves (no oven time at 325). Any input? I’ll be doing around 8#’s of chicken.

  57. Dena Ferretti says

    Amazing recipe – its even better than take out :) First tried with chicken and our family loved itā€¦ tonight we made it with pork! A family favourite – thank you.

  58. SJ says

    This was so tasty! I made this tonight and it was perfect with brown rice. It tasted like takeout without all the bad, unhealthy stuff. Winner! I will make this many time over. Thanks for sharing.

    • Chungah says

      You can certainly skip the egg dip but I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish.

      • Sara Beth says

        I was out of eggs and did just the cornstarch. It was still awesome. I don’t know the difference since it was the first time I made it, but it was really good.

  59. Lauren says

    Chungah… this recipe was AMAZING. I have tried my hand at Asian-inspired dishes before and completely failed (I’m better at Italian things), but this was, hands-down, better than any take-out I’ve ever eaten in my life. I’m so proud of myself and thankful to you for the recipe.

    (I liked it so much I’ve got another one of your recipes in the oven right now).


    • Chungah says

      You can certainly substitute something else for the apple cider vinegar but I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish as further recipe testing is needed. It is always best to use the ingredients listed in the recipe to obtain the best results possible.

  60. Sabrina says

    I just have to say that I love this recipe more than I love certain people in my family. šŸ˜‰ Thanks so much! It’s definitely a keeper in my recipe book!

  61. Sara Beth says

    This was DELICIOUS! Thanks so much for sharing. My husband has celiac disease and sweet and sour chicken is one of his favorite dishes. I loved that this was so easy for me to make safely for him at home. My kids scarfed it up, too. I have made several of your recipes and really enjoy your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    • Chungah says

      You can certainly substitute something else for the apple cider vinegar but without further recipe testing, I cannot speak for how much this will change the overall taste/texture of the dish. It is always best to use the ingredients listed in the recipe to obtain the best results possible.

  62. Lori says

    Hi I made this for dinner tonight. It was great! Next time I make it I will triple the sauce recipe as it cooked way down and we want extra sauce for all the leftovers! Thanks for the great recipes

  63. ashleigh says

    Unreal came across ur recipe two weeks ago and my word its unreal… never tasted a dish like it… actually having it for tea tonight again brillaint and lovely recipe …. thanks so much

  64. Hiba says

    Thank you for the recipe. I am making it for lunch today but i ran out of powdered garlic.
    Can it be replaced by fresh garlic and if yes, how much ?

  65. Lily says

    I made this on Thursday and served it with Rice and Snow Peas. It was so good! The chicken was moist and the sauce was perfect!! Personally I would like more sauce with it. The next time I make it I may try a double batch of the sauce and pour all the sauce into the pan with the chicken to see if I get more sauce.

  66. Josh says

    Can I fry the chicken ahead of time (earlier that day) and then bake them closer to dinner time (having guests over and don’t want to be frying when they’re there). Thank you!

  67. Graham Newman says

    This dish was by far the best sweet and sour I’ve ever tasted.
    Cooked to the recipe and I inhaled the plate full. Next time I may add some pineapple chunks for personal preference but I can’t believe how delicious and easy this fish was.

    Note to self: check the other recipes

  68. Boy Mom Heather says

    Made this last night…. It was outstanding! I usually fail at making Asian-inspired dishes because they’re either too complicated, or I don’t have the right ingredients, or technique or what. This was very doable for a relative novice and my whole family just loved it! Thank you so, so much. :)

  69. Olivia says

    So I just made this and I am currently eating it. I AM IN LOVE. I was worried about all the vinegar. Especially when I tasted the sauce before I cooked it, but the tang toned way down after I baked it. I am next to never ordering chinese again. Now I just need to conquer egg foo young.

  70. Chelsea says

    Oh my god. This was so amazing. Better than any Chinese restaurant! My husband and kids requested this for our annual Christmas dinner it was so good!

  71. Tedster says

    Oh. Baby. This. Is.Good!

    Didn’t have any cider vinegar. Didn’t have any Vinegar vinegar either. So used pickle juice, that’s mostly vinegar. Added a maybe a half tsp of ginger to the sweet n sour sauce. Some hot mustard would be nice too, this recipe is awesome.

  72. HeidiH says

    I just made this tonight, and it was EXCELLENT!! Your recipes have been very good, and I really enjoy your copycat ones. Great job!

  73. Saisha says

    Love Love this since I found it last year.. Only change I made was reducing the sugar from 3/4cup to 1/2 cup.. no change in amazing flavor!

  74. Sara says

    This looks so delicious! I’m making it for my family tonight. Is there a way I can incorporate pineapple into this recipe?

  75. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I love being able to make these dishes we love so much at home! Already forwarded this recipe to my sister in law :)

  76. Melissa says

    I just made this for my roommate and I and it was amazing! I cannot believe how good this was. I think I’ve found the perfect dish for Heaven.

  77. Amanda says

    My family and friends love this. Thanks for the recipe, we have it once a week now and our birthdays too, its Damn delicious!!!! We serve with peppers, pineapple and onions. Its to die for, I loove our recipe its the best way to make it.

  78. Sofia says

    Wow! Just… Wow! Made this the other night and my 5-year old declared it his favorite chicken ever. He asked to have it in his lunch box, but mommy might just have eaten the left-overs as a midnight snack… Will make again this week. Awesome!

  79. Narges says

    Hi. I made it but it became dry. I mean it wasnt juicy. Do u know what might be the reason? Thank s for helping me

    • Chungah says

      Your oven temperature may have been set too high or perhaps you used a deep baking dish that caused the chicken to dry out?

  80. Christine says

    This has become our firm Saturday night favourite – is in the oven yet again as we speak! I always have to make double the amount as its so good!! I add in a chopped large red pepper and some pineapple chunks and a little of the pineapple juice about 1/2 hour before the end! Bliss!
    Any ideas how I could do the same sort of recipe but with a lemon sauce would be gratefully received!!

  81. Natalie says

    This recipe rocks my socks. I made it last week for dinner and it was a hit. The cooking time is a bit longer than other methods I’ve seen but is sooooo worth it. I made this for a fraction of the cost of take-out using items in my pantry! OMG so good. The best recipe ever! We’re eating this every week. I served mine with a few chunks of pineapple and some steamed broccoli.

  82. Shauna says

    This is the first time I’ve left a comment EVER on ANYTHING. Omg this is so good. I’m making it right now for 2nd time. Last time we didn’t hv vinegar, subbed lemon juice. I think we added orange juice too. This time we did it exact & it’s delicious. It was both times. Fantastic!!!!

  83. Oswald says

    Thanks for those wonderfull recipes. I wonder whether I could use pork loin instead of chicken? Appreciate your answer

  84. mikaela says

    I’ve never coated with cornstarch and then dipped in eggs, usually the other way around. Anyone know how well that works?

  85. says

    I made this a couple of weeks ago – absolutely THE BEST sweet & sour chicken I’ve ever eaten! I served them over noodles instead of rice – so good. This is definitely a keeper and will be making it again real soon. Thanks for such an amazing recipe!

  86. Lisa says

    Just had this tonight. Was so yummy! I was skeptical because I feel like nothing I cook is good! I did an excellent job on this dinner though. I also put broccoli in the dish the last half hour it was so good! Thank you

  87. Eman says

    I was wondering if I want to add some onions ,red pepper and pineapple should I add them half way through because I guess 55 mins is too long for vegetables..or should I just stir fry them and add them at the end ?

  88. Janis says

    This was absolutely delicious! I used chicken thighs instead of breasts and it came out wonderful! My boys loved it and so did I! Will make this again for sure. Thank you for this recipe. Looking forward to trying out your other Asian inspired recipes. I’m Filipino so your recipes are so enticing to me.

  89. says

    We love this recipe! I have made it several times and it is perfect every time. I am wondering if it might be possible to cut out a bit of prep time by dumping the egg mixture on the cornstarched chicken and mixing it by hand (to ensure each gets fully coated), rather than individually coating each and every piece of chicken. Do you think this would cause too much of a sticking problem? I’m thinking of I put them in the oil one by one, that should solve it?

  90. GILL MCMAHON says

    have just made this for dinner to the recipe except I halved it as my husband’s not keen on Chinese!!! Absolutely delicious – wouldn’t change the recipe at all. It was so good I’m sharing it with family and friends – thank you.

  91. Nelson says

    Thanks for putting this up on the website, but I think that this was typed in wrong:
    In a large bowl, season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste. Stir in cornstarch and gently toss to combine. Working one at a time, dip the chicken into the eggs.

    Shouldn’t it be to dip the chicken into the eggs before stirring in the cornstarch? I just don’t want you to have a misunderstanding with another person. Just wanted to point it out in case it was a typo.
    P.S. – The chicken was great!

  92. Anita says

    Holy Smokes!!!! This sauce is so tasty I doubled it while making and am glad I did. Used rice vinegar bc I didn’t have apple cider like I thought I did. No worries…family flipped out anyway and RAVED about it (even while cooking….the smell is fab!)

    Thank you!! This is my go to recipe and I plan to use it with meats other than the chicken drumsticks I cooked today.

    Seriously….it is REALLY good!

  93. Kristen says

    I followed this recipe exactly as it is written and my entire family loved it! My whole house smelled like the apple cider vinegar and the vinegar taste was a little strong for us. Everything else about this recipe was heavenly! Does the apple cider vinegar need to have a certain acidity? Or could I possibly reduce the amount next time?

    Thank you!

    • Chungah says

      Kristen, you can certainly try reducing the amount of vinegar for next time but it may be best to reduce the other ingredients as well or else the flavors may be thrown off and unbalanced.

  94. Smutt says

    Oh-my-gosh! Made this exactly as the recipe says, and the result was heavenly delicious! It was so juicy! It was essential to just flip the chicken around in the baking dish every now and then so the saus could blend in and caramelize the chicken. *damndeliciousrecipe*

  95. Lorie says

    Made this for lunch today. Aaamaazing! Will definitely put this recipe in the meal plan rotation! My sauce was not as bright orange red as what yours looks in the pictures, but my husband did not know the difference and he loved it. Thanks for helping me look so good in the kitchen.

  96. Amanda says

    Mine is in the oven. I added some fresh pineapple to mine. Can’t wait to see how it tastes. I’ll update in a little while. Smells great!

  97. Tasha says

    I been wanting sweet and sour chicken for awhile but I did want to buy takeout. This is my first time making an dish like this one. My dish is in the oven now it looks and smells pretty good.
    Thank you so much Chungah

    Do you have any other wonderful dishes?

  98. Troy says

    I don’t have any Kosher salt can I substitute it for any other salt? as kosher salt is hard to find in my area.


  99. Casper says

    hi there! this recipe looks amazing but is there a good substitute for the sugar in the sauce recipe? thank you!

  100. Andrea says

    Does the chicken need to be completely cooked through before putting it in the oven for the 55 min?

    • Chungah says

      The chicken does not have to be completely cooked through before it goes in the oven. You are simply cooking the chicken until golden brown, about 1-2 minutes.

  101. Meliss says

    I just tried making this in the crock pot and it was perfect! I did double the amount of chicken and sauce. Thank you for a great receipe.

  102. Natalie says

    Used potato starch instead of cornstarch! Worked just fine! This recipe was delicious!!!!!! So good! I wouldn’t recommend adding too much black pepper though, it distracts from the sauce.

  103. missingstar says

    Hi..I made it and the result is’s so delicious ..thank you for this tasty recipe..:))

  104. Andrew says

    This was amazing…I substituted the vinegar with pineapple juice and it was better than take out!

    • Andrew says

      Forgot to add that I also included about a teaspoon of crushed ginger to the corn starch while breading the chicken….

  105. Phillip says

    The recipe says to stir in the cornstarch and then dip it in the eggs – should that not be vice versa – coat it in the eggs and then dredge in the cornstarch?

  106. carla says

    This tasted amazing ! I didn’t have apple cider vinagar so i substituted with white spirit vinagar and it came out so nicely.
    Thank you so much for this recipe.

  107. Janice D says

    Made this for Saturday night dinner as per the recipe, tossed in chunks of red and green pepper, white onion and pineapple when baking chicken and sauce. It was beautiful looking and delicious. My foodie son and my husband and myself loved it. Served with sticky rice, stir fried beans sprouts with broccoli, mushrooms and green onions. Perfect and a keeper.

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