About Me

About Me

I’m Chungah and welcome to Damn Delicious®!

About Me

I initially created this blog in 2011 to organize my favorite recipes but it has blossomed into something that has become a huge part of my life.

About Me

I’ve met such amazing foodies, connected with readers all over the world, and have conquered many culinary feats in my closet-sized kitchen.

About Me

I have never received any formal training but I love looking through food blogs and cookbooks, trying out their recipes and being able to add my personal spin to it.

About Me

And with my many epic kitchen fails, I have learned my way through the kitchen through trial-and-error.

About Me

Most of the recipes found here focus on quick and easy meals for the everyday home cook.

About Me

Using simple, fresh ingredients, we can create a sophisticated, elegant dish for your family in 30 minutes or less, which is much needed for those busy weeknights. We just won’t tell them how easy it really was!

About Me

I currently reside in sunny California with my baby corgi Butters.

Damn Delicious® is a registered trademark of Chungah Rhee.


  1. I love your recipes. I have many favorites. Im so glad I found you on Pinterest. Keep cooking! 🙂 @michell50955415

  2. I m die hard fan of salads. I m really interested to know your more recipes so would love to be in touch . I love healthy eating.your recipes are looking very easy n yet tasty!!

  3. I want to come back. I felt like I had enough recipes collected, but I miss getting them from you. Please re-add me to your emails.

  4. I have made so many of your recipes! I have to thank you because in the past when I tried to make asian recipes my husband would tell me to stop trying because they were horrible lol. Now he loves the Asian recipes I’ve tried from here, we were eating the easy lo mein once a week this fall. Also have made the beef and broccoli a few times. So glad I found your site on pinterest 🙂

  5. Haven’t had anything on here that wasn’t “damn delish”! Love your unusual flare in these tasty recipes! I’m a fan and pass them forward to fam n’ friends every chance I get! Thanks!!

  6. Thanks for sharing so much great info!
    The website is so very well build, I can peruse and surf here for days.
    The recipes are amazing! I love all of them and have successfully made some dElicious stuff.
    The photographs are wonderful!
    Most importantly, your a great story teller; as you take us on the birth and journey of each recipe.
    Thanks so much!
    I appreciate you and your talent.

  7. Love everything I’ve made and find myself using your recipes over and over. So grateful! 

  8. Just pre ordered your cookbook through Amazon.

    Congratulations on getting in published.

  9. Why does the crockpot Balsamic chicken require chicken breasts with skin-on? Can I do skinless, & brown them a bit

  10. Stumbled across your website today and I am really enjoying it some of the recipes I have printed for my own and I would like to thank you for your efforts!

  11. Love your easy to follow recipes and everyone I’ve tried turned out awesome.
    Love love the Asian dishes.

  12. Hi Chungah

    The photo of the fried chicken, is that recipe on your blog or is it going to be in your cookbook.

  13. Oh Chungah! You have a damn delicious blog!

  14. Chungah,

    I haven’t failed any of your recipes I have tried! Of course, it is damn delicious!! Whenever I needed to cook, I just come here and pick up the easiest recipes from you!
    You are appreciated!!

  15. Well I was looking at my emails and you cooking recipes came on and I was very interest thank you. 

  16. THANK YOU Chungah!!!  I first came to your website when I Googled “ginger salmon recipe” and it led me to your Sesame Ginger Salmon recipe.  That recipe is fabulous!  I made it again last weekend (on the grill) for 20 people and they all raved about it.  Here is what I want to share with you and your readers: salmon holds together well enough that it can be grilled directly on the grate.  Cedar planks are not necessary.  Plus you get some charring of the surface which is nice.  I use a digital meat thermometer and cook to a center temp of 130 to 135°F.  Cut the salmon fillets into sections barely wider than your spatula so the meat is well supported when turning it.  The salmon is ready to turn when the edges start to turn white.  Salmon can be safely turned once or twice; more than that and it may fall apart.  The thermometer I recommend is ThermoWorks’ model RT301WA, which is available on the the ThermoWorks website for about $20.

  17. Thanks for sharing all of your amazing recipes! You’re my “go to” site for everyday cooking! Wish there was a Damn Delicious app!! 

  18. I love you, your dog and your simple recipes!  I’m enamored with your refreshing style . . easy does it!
    Can’t wait for those scallops to melt in my mouth!

    Bravo and thank you so much!

    Mary Jane 

  19. Your recipes look amazing. I just subscribed to you can’t wait to try some

  20. My husband is a bread maker but can’t make soup, so long ago I asked him to please make anything for dinner, but not soup. My good friend and neighbor can only cook by recipe, so she emailed him yours for the slow cooker Tomato, Kale and Quinoa that she had found and was making this weekend. As soon as I looked I it I recognized it as yours so I said he could make it last night (Tuesday). You see, I was working until late and my daughter and SIL were arriving after a 10 hour trip bringing down their chickens, a large old lame dog and their anxious cat to stay for 2 weeks and keep setting up our cabin as their new home (next come the 1# – 2# fish they harvest they catch for food and that’ll be a historic adventure I bet). The soup turned out PERFECT! As Tony says, Digna’s not keen on Quinoa, so he substituted a handful of Barley instead. It was still PERFECT! First soup he’s ever made that is just delicious. So thanks. And now another follower of your recipes I bet. When his crayfish are grown and ready to harvest he’ll be looking up some new recipes and see if you have any ideas for him to use. His only recipes are Cajun New Orleans style. Me? I won’t be letting you know how they turn out because I’ll have to leave home for the day/night since I’m very allergic (anaphylactic) to any crustacian. So, Chungah, thanks for the great soup!

  21. Chungah,
    You are Damn Amazing. Your recipes are easy and so damn delicious. I am from the South and love to make it simply and easy when preparing dinner or for a party. I can not wait for your cookbook. I will be buying six copies to give five away for Christmas gifts to my family. I wish you the best and I also love your Corgi, Butters.

  22. Chungah, I found your website with a google search for lettuce wraps and then when I saw the PF Chang’s lettuce wrap recipe and the comments I was sold so I made it and it was so delicious. So delicious in fact, that I decided to order your “Damn Delicious” book from Amazon Prime.
    Great website!!!

  23. YAY, the cookbook arrived! I can’t wait to go through it.

  24. Well , I saw the corgi and I was sold. Cookbook ordered less than 2 minutes later. We share the same loves–corgis and food. My corgi is named Tater. We will send pictures your way when the cookbook arrives!!

  25. Received my cookbook yesterday and can’t wait and made the “Garlic-Parmesan Roasted Broccoli” tonight. It was perfect! Can’t wait to try more this weekend…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

  26. I received my cookbook but the cover is on backwards. Has this happened to anyone else.

  27. I am a dude and I don’t really cook much but Chungah your recipes made me an instant culinary hero! Wife is expecting so I hope to make her some homemade meals so she can eat well. At first I was trying (my best) to replicate her dishes.. Now I’m making my own (Errrr.. With your help of course)

    Thanks Chungah! Keep up the good and inspiring work! Love it!

  28. I am so glad I stumbled upon your page through Pinterest! What an awesome website! I love everything I have seen so far. I even made one of your dishes for dinner tonight and it was Damn Delicious, even my picky 18 month old toddler enjoyed it!!! I have recently become more interested in cooking after having our son, I’ve always been a baker at heart, and I’m so excited about your recipes and the creativity they inspire!
    Promptly ordered your cookbook, and I will be paitently (or impatiently!) awaiting its arrival! Can’t wait to wake up and try a breakfast recipe! Thanks so much! Look forward to exploring more!

  29. Hi. I have many of your recipes and they are delicious! BTW, we have the same backsplash, black counters and white
    cabinets..mine with a splash of red! This looks delicious. I going to try it soon. Looking forward to more.

  30. I have tried your Parmesan Chicken with red potatos twice and it has been a huge success, sooo easy!  And delicious.  Thanks for that recipe it will come with me when ai travel to see my family in Australia and Malaysia!

  31. Have you ever made the Lemon Butter Chicken with any other kinds of chicken besides thighs?


  32. Hi Chungah,
    I started following your blog when my husband and I lived in Ecuador for three months a few years ago. I have enjoyed many of your ideas. The roasted veggies look great, think I’ll make them with my supper meal tonight. We live in northern Alberta, Canada. It’s only mid October and there is a snow storm going on here as I write this.

  33. This “newer” website of yours is SO MUCH BETTER!!! Everything loads faster w/ no problems; THANK YOU!!

  34. Stumbled across your website while looking for some easy lunch ideas. I immediately fell in love with so many of your recipes. It also doesn’t hurt when a picture of Butter is thrown in there! I love corgi’s so much! He is too cute! Thanks for so many awesome recipes!

  35. hey beautiful

  36. Great site….but why are you always looking to the side in your photos?  

  37. That comment sounds terrible.  I didn’t mean it to sound like it reads.  You’re beautiful, and not just from the side!  I should have elaborated. I’m a professional photographer and I see so much more beauty in people than they see in themselves. I’m one to talk…you’ll never see a photo of me. But, just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t holdback or have any inhibitions.  Again, so sorry for the way that first comment sounded. 

  38. Looking at cauliflower pizza crust recipes I clicked on your site. Your recipe is so much simpler than others I have tried. Then I watch the video re the baked chicken and it made it SO simple to follow. Now, my question is I am Paleo. I recognize that your site is not dedicated to that aspect of food and cooking. Without having to read thru endless recipes, how much of your cooking would you say is either Paleo friendly or adaptable?

    • Unfortunately, it is really difficult to say as my recipes are not specifically tailored for the Paleo diet. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications.

  39. I came upon your recipe for Apple Sangria. Looks tasty, but do you use and alcohol apple cider or apple juice?

  40. Wonderful recipes–will be adding them to my collection, & will get your cookbook too,
    to give my grandaughter (in college) for Xmas. She loves Asian (inspired) food & cooking.
    I saw you on the USC Trojan website, as I’m an ‘ancient’ Trojan (1953). ‘Cook ON’—!!

  41. Korean Beef Bowl. High fives from our family. Including our five year old son. We all LOVED it. It also gave us to a chance to talk to him about Korean culture and food.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes. We’ll definitely make this one again (so so easy and so so delicious) and will look for others to try. 

  42. I love your blog! I love that the ingredients are ones I use over and over, instead of ones I use once that end up collecting dust on the shelf. There’s sooo much flavor in everything I’ve tried. If only my husband was not so picky, I would get to try a lot more. 🙂 
    Keep them coming!!

  43. Keep up the great work you are doing: there can’t be too many great healthy recipes.
    Love the dog, we have three of them.

  44. Congratulations on the cook book Chungah!! You are an inspiration to people like me, who dream of becoming a food blogger one day soon! I have tried many of your recipes and I can’t wait to buy your cook book! Your PF Chang’s Lettuce Wrap Recipe is a hands down favorite in our household. Thank you for all of your great recipes!

  45. I love your photography! Do you mind sharing what kind of camera / lens you use for your images?

    • Thank you! I am currently shooting with a Canon EOS 6D 20.2MP and a 100mm f/2.8L IS. I only use natural lighting, and I utilize Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 to edit.

  46. I just wanted to say thank you. I love your recipes, they are simple and easy to follow. I have made so many of your recipes and I have loved every single one. Keep them coming.

  47. I love that I can trust that every recipe I use from this site will turn out delicious! When scrolling through recipes on the internet and I see one from Damn Delicious I know I will have most of the ingredients and it will taste fantastic! Thank you! I will be purchasing your cookbook. You are awesome!

  48. Hello Chungah! I’m in SoCal and made the Chicken Tortellini Soup tonight. It was delicious and very healthy. We just got back from Hawaii and need to eat healthy for a while to offset all the treats we had there and your soup recipe definitely hit the spot! Love your blog!!

  49. I absolutely loooove your recipes. Yours is the only website I now go to for recipes. Thank you. Keep cooking!!!!!!

  50. Thank you for sharing these great recipes! I feel like a gourmet cook now, and I love that most recipes rarely call for ingredients I don’t already have on hand. I hope you continue to post more recipes.

  51. Just came across your website. I can’t wait to try your recipes. I am always looking for something quick, healthy and simple to make. Thank you.

  52. Your  recipes are amazing.  I’m looking for the lobster tail recipe,  that you have in your photo. Looks delicious.  Where  can I find it. I have no idea how to cook lobster. Thanks. 

  53. I love your blog. And since you are a corgi mom (as am I), you must be a wonderful person. 🙂

  54. Beautiful lady and a top-rated gourmet artist. Love your blog, Chungah! 🙂

  55. Love your recipes! I have had many, many Pinterest fails (my poor husband, lol!) but I have made multiple dishes from your blog and we love them! The instructions are easy to follow, the ingredients are simple, and they turn out amazing. Thank you! 🙂

  56. Home sick for the day and what do I do, I browse for recipes while in bed. Stumbled upon your site over an hour ago and haven’t left. Looking forward to the weekend in the kitchen.

    I’ve lived in rural Haiti for 20 years and only in the last 5 years, when we got a solar powered freezer) did I get into cooking. I found that a well stocked pantry is essential here as the nearest decent grocery store is over 3 hours away. Thank you for these wonderful looking recipes. Just told my wife I have no idea how I will pick one to begin with. Great photos as well.

  57. I don’t think the nutritional values listed for your bang bang shrimp pasta recipe are correct.  Specifically the carbohydrate value of 373.3 grams per serving?

    Recipe looks amazing though, can’t wait to try it.

  58. You are wicked amazing. My lap-cat is soaked with my drool . And the best part? SO many easy recipes. My daughter in law just had a baby and although I help a lot with meals she really just wants to throw something together quickly. I hooked her up with your site. Keep em coming!
    Oh! And THANKS!!!!

  59. Hi!

    I’m amazed how you cook the steak and roast vegetable together in the oven. I never thought about that way. It is a brilliant idea.

  60. Who are you? Well who ever you are I love your site and your food look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Damn Delicious keep up the good work I will now bookmark YOU

  61. Where can I find that recipe for that chicken, 4th picture down. Also lol at “Butters”, that’s my favorite South Park character.

  62. I’ve been reading your recipes and loving the results for years! The simplicity is so great and always results in some Damn Delicious food! Keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re rocking it! Oh, and your dogs are Damn Adorable!

  63. This blog is such an inspiration to other food bloggers like me. Your pix are phenomenal and so are your dishes! I like your wide variety of food selection and how it encourages people to cook.

  64. I found this site by accident when I wanted to compare a recipe I had for Potstickers. I was amazed at the recipes you had. I have a busy schedule but our family prefer home-cooked meals. It was a headache planning ahead , so the days became predictable and boring. NOT ANYMORE. I surprise the family with your quick and easy dishes and they are a hit every time.SO DELICIOUS, but I give you the credit . Thanks Chungah keep up the good work

  65. Hello Chungah,

    Came across your blog purely by chance and feel compelled to say, “Although you have SOOOOOOO many amazing recipes…YOU, by far, are the MOST “Damn Delicious” thing here!!!! Such a BEAUTIFUL and YUMMY Woman…Stunning facial features, an intoxicating smile and a gorgeous little body 🙂

  66. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you !!
    You are just what I’ve been looking for so excited to have found your blog…. love the meal prep ideas xoxo

  67. I just saw that you have your own cookbook out. How exciting for you as well as me since I just purchased it and cannot wait until it arrives. You make fabulous dishes that are, well….DAMN DELICIOUS!

  68. Chungah, I have had to change my diet recently due to health issues. I always enjoy your recipes and they are truly simple! I cook them time and time again. Thanks again for allowing us into your kitchen!

  69. Hi Chungah, you’re recipes look amazing! Are they low cal, low carb or 21 Day Fix approved? 

  70. I love your recipes Chungah. My wife and I used to entertain a lot and she was a phenomenal cook. Since she passed away 3 years ago I live by myself in Toronto close to my 2 children and their families in Toronto, Canada. I still love cooking and cook for my children. I made “Cheater Pho” which was a big hit. It was even better than the real Pho!!! Thanks.

  71. Is that lobster in your intro? Rock out….I wondered about all that bacon grease so I will precook a bit…..first time to blog – so happy to know about you – congratulations and best wishes to you and butters

  72. Dear Chungah,
    I love your recipes and have tried lots of them! I am cooking for myself since my husband passed away 2 years ago. I was lost for awhile and didn’t feel like eating most of the time or just grabbed junk food. My husband was the cook for the two of us, and I hadn’t had to fend for myself in 32 years! But your recipes are so simple to prepare and delicious I really enjoy following your blog and trying your recipes. Last week I prepared the Zucchini Sheet pan with panko and marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese to accompany a pork roll stuffed with apricots, cranraisins,and pecans I purchased at Sprouts, it all was super good. Thank You and keep up the good work! You are inspirational!

  73. Love your recipes!  Simple but delicious!  Would LOVE healthy recipes cooking for two people.  Its just me and my teenage daughter and although I have tried many of your recipes (love the chicken, especially) I find that I’m making way too much food just for us.

  74. CHUNGAH, I am a food and cooking researcher and your Lemon Butter Chicken is a great dish. I found your book on Amazon and I was impressed by the reviews.
    Your Chicken Lettuce Wraps are the hit on YouTube along with your Korean Beef.

    It is obvious that your success is the simple style & the humble kitchen much like Rachel Khoo in Paris.
    Stay true to your roots & perhaps talk to us a little more on youTube.
    Best Wishes from Hervey Bay Australia & Chanthaburi Thailand,

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